21 July 2013

✧Long time. No Blog.✧오랜만의 블로그✧久しぶりブログ✧

✧ Hi gaiizz!! 
I totally deserted my blog again (─‿‿─)
I was right on track over a month ago drafting
some new blog entries for HG products and reviews..
but somehow I never finished any of them.
Guess it doesn't help when I'm a lazy butt haha.

While I was away from blogging,
I've been updating my twitter and instagram instead.
Micro-blogging has become so much easier
with those two social networks.

If you want to keep up with my daily rants,
fashion & beauty hauls, food porn shots
and everything in between, I suggest you follow me ;)


. As of late . 最近 . 

This past May my sister & her family came
down to visit us! First time since my brother's
wedding. It was baby Naomi's first time in
Australia! I super duper miss her a lot!
Every time I came home from work,
it was such a joy to see her. She literally made
my day.. EVERY DAY.

 CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour.
Attended the Melbourne and Sydney CNBLUE concerts in June.
The weather was so CRAP both nights!!!
I think I enjoyed the Melbourne concert better overall.
CNBLUE was a KNOCK OUT on both nights but I
have to admit that the poor organisation and delayed entry
at Sydney's Luna Park Big Top venue was BEYOND DISAPPOINTING.
Sarah and I only got in around 8.15pm and it started at 7.30pm!
There was NO form of organising the lines into
seating, general and VIP admission. Absolute shit.
So thankful we attended both the concerts,
otherwise we would have missed out on so much!
"DSM. Dark Sexy Metal." - Yonghwa

Matsumoto restaurant on Lygon St with Alice & Tri.
The tempura and takoyaki were yummy.
I really loved the sashimi platter as well. So fresh and oishii!
Their sushi, however, was something else entirely.
We ordered a spicy salmon roll and also a soft shell crab roll.
Both of the dishes came with warm rice which had
far too much vinegar for our liking and even the salmon
seemed a little... mushy? Perhaps won't go there again.
I'm sure there are many better Japanese restaurants to dine in around
Melbourne. So disappointed.

Black Toro on Kingsway in Glen Waverley with Amorette.
Took Amorette to this modern Hispanic restaurant near my place.
I went there once before with my girlfriends, Ciara & Jackie.
The red wine sangria is always so yum and a perfect addition
to any meal. I really love the pulled pork tacos as well!
Unfortunately, didn't think the food was as mind-blowing as
the first time I went there but it was still enjoyable.
The Wagyu beef sliders were juicy and tasty. The scallops were
a bit of a miss for me though. Seemed a bit dry and boring to me.

No photos of the pulled pork tacos or desserts unfortunately.
I tried to take quick snaps but turns out my Sony didn't focus well
under the low lighting. Ehh.. should have checked the shots
before I started to dig in. BUT WE WERE SO HUNGRY!!
Such a shame because the photos looked great... minus the blur.

(oh what the heck I will post them anyway!!)

Poco Plates.
Hervey Bay scallops with pea puree, freeze dried corn and lemon
Spicy pulled pork taco, shredded cabbage & sour cream
Wagyu beef slider with toasted brioche, pickled cucumber, cheese and ancho ketchup

Frozen Nutella parfait, broken tres leches cake, toasted meringue & banana
Deconstructed peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate ice cream & honeycomb


Okay I think that's pretty much all done.
Gonna end this post with shameless selca LOL
Bye guys!