26 April 2013

Beauty Spotlight: EYEMAZING x AMOYAMO

Pooping out a new blog entry today since I can't seem to sit still while I recover (what better way to sit still than at the computer? heheh even though the doctor said I should really get more bed rest and less time on the computer but.... ehhhh.. I'm tired of resting.)

I'm starting a new series of entries called BEAUTY SPOTLIGHT. I won't be reviewing the items featured - I'll leave that for another time. When it comes to reviews, I need a lot more time to test out the products and also take lots of photos (in this case I need to photograph ME wearing the lashes). These beauty segments are just to give the online shopper a closer look at products that they might want to buy. It's always risky to buy things online because they might not be as great as they are on the promo photos. Hope my product shots help anyone thinking of buying these lashes or maybe it might give you a nudge to check them out ^0^

I kept seeing the EYEMAZING collaboration lashes around the internet but I wasn't sure where to buy them. I decided to check out one of my favourite sellers on eBay and LOW AND BEHOLD! they had all the styles in stock for sale!!

Please check out meilleurbeauty on eBay for all your favourite Japanese beauty products - all at a GREAT PRICE and for very CHEAP SHIPPING!

Each of these lash sets come with 5 pairs of lashes and RRP for about 1200yen. meilleurbeauty sells these for $15.95 USD! They also provide combined shipping (make sure you write to them to request for the combined shipping + item total BEFORE you pay so they can reconsolidate your order for you). Communication is always very efficient and prompt! They also ship your items out really quickly and I received mine in only 7 days (not working days)! SO VERY HAPPY! I'm a very happy customer!

Thank you meilleurbeauty!


EYEMAZING is a Japanese beauty brand produced by Jun Komori and specialises in false eyelashes as well as other cosmetics, such as blushes, eyeliner, lip glosses etc.

Their new 2013 line is a collaboration with Amoyamo - a pop-duo consisting of two models, Amo and Ayamo. I keep seeing these girls around and I really love their style!

This lash line is probably one of the few which feature more natural tones of brown lashes but also feature pretty coloured lashes! I really ADORE how they've blended the colours together. They look so pretty!!!! These look like they'll be great for special occasions and could even be layered over regular black lashes to add more depth and a POP of colour! All of the lashes also have a thin, flexible lash band - my favourite! One more thing to note is that these lashes don't extend past the natural lash line like other false lashes on the market (i.e. Dolly Wink, Luminous Change etc.) so they may not appeal to all lash-wearers out there! I think it'll be very easy to create your own lash combo to extend it a bit more though :)

Olive Brown x Olive Gold

Close up (no flash)

Close up (with flash)

Olive Brown x Olive Gold x Lavender

Close up (no flash)

Close up (with flash)

Wood Brown

Close up (no flash)

Close up (with flash)

Vintage Brown x Cherry Red

Close up (no flash)

close up (with flash)

Okay that's it from me :) Short and sweet!
When I've had the opportunity to wear each of these a few times, I'll be back with reviews. If anyone has specific questions about them, please leave me a comment or contact me on twitter!

Always be a safe driver!

I wasn't going to write about this but I'm not going to pretend it didn't happen and I think it's important to stress to people how important it is to ALWAYS be a responsible driver.

If anyone follows me on instagram, they would have seen me post this yesterday :( This is our Honda which was involved in a 3 car collision on the Monash Freeway near the Warrigal Road exit.

It was ANZAC Day in Australia and the freeway wasn't particularly busy due to the public holiday. The speed on the freeway was pretty strange though. I remember at some point we were driving around 60km/h and then later on around 90km/h. I just found that the traffic slowed very rapidly - not sure if it was because people were entering the freeway or people just sucked at exiting off the freeway. The entire car ride, I was pretty engrossed with my phone so I wasn't paying a lot of attention while my mum drove.

It was just a few minutes shy of 12.50pm when it happened.

I remember feeling our car slowing down, my mum's arm coming across my chest, seeing the Audi in front of us rapidly slowing because of the cars in front of him and just as we were coming to a stop, the Mercedes behind us collided straight into the back of us and pushed us into the Audi in front.

Everything was like some crazy nightmare. You know those TV dramas you watch when you see the car crash from their point of view. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT'S LIKE, except you can actually feel it and my head just whipped forward then hit the back of the head rest like I was some rag doll. Somehow my shoe came flying off too! I remember just looking all around me to see if anything was wrong, if I was hurt, if mum was hurt. Then I looked to the front car, then the back. I could see the truck and all the cars behind the Mercedes merging lanes to get past us. Mum was swearing. Then all 3 of us pulled over to the service lane.

I had no idea what kind of damage was done to our car. I don't think I really cared. My head hurt and the whole thing gave me a huge adrenaline rush. I was shaking and I started breathing all funny. At that moment, my mum asked me to grab her phone so she could take photos of all the damage and talk to the other drivers. I called my manager - no answer. I called my assistant manager and as soon as she answered I flipped! I was freaking out so much - I kept thinking 'what do I do? what do we do? what's going to happen? omg I have work!'


Yeah you read that right. All I could think about was work. Let's be serious here - public holiday means crazy amazing pay and here I am, stuck on the side of the road adding to the road accident tolls on ANZAC Day! I'm a bit silly like that... but I'm sure work would have been the least of my concern if someone had been seriously injured.

Everyone was ok. For the most part, I think everyone just had a bit of whiplash from the impact - us most of all because we were sandwiched between the other two cars.

Shortly after the accident, the police were there and then the paramedics and then a while later, the tow trucks. The mercedes was a total write off - the entire front was crushed! The Audi in front only had a dent in their bumper. As for our car...

Mum didn't take a photo of it but our bonnet was completely fudged as well T^T I guess we can only be thankful that no one was seriously injured. Now we're just waiting for the insurance company to get back to us. We're not sure whether our car will be a write off or whether the other guy's insurance will cover the repair costs.

Today I've taken work off because my neck is feeling worse. A lot of the GPs are closed or have very limited appointments today so we had to google for alternatives -_-

Anyway, I said this on twitter already but PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE DRIVER.

Always be aware of your surroundings.
Always drive a safe distance from the car in front of you.
Always drive at a reasonable speed BELOW the limit.
Always wear a seatbelt.

The last one is super important because just the seat belt alone saved my life! I could have hit my head against the windshield otherwise!

I'm going to rest for the remainder of the day and catch up on some blogging as well. I stupidly decided to take photos of a new parcel that arrived this morning and now my neck feels even more knotted up. Stupidity will get me into trouble one day. Aiyah!

Stay safe everyone!

24 April 2013

Korean Beauty Haul

Hello ^_^

I haven't been blogging lately but I have been shopping! These are some of the beauty hauls I've been doing over the last month and I'm currently taking the time to try a few of the products out before I review them! So far, loving The Face Shop's mascaras! More on that next time ;D

01 April 2013

Travel Diaries: USA trip

Where have I been? ಥ_ಥ

Gosh it's been dangerously long since I visited my blog! I've thought about blogging every once in a while but always felt too preoccupied with work to take the time to write about anything. Work has really taken over my life and I've fallen into a slump where I basically go to work, come home and catch up on all my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), eat dinner, watch a little TV and then go to bed. Such a boring routine of a life. Every once in a while I will go out for dinner or something with friends, but generally my life is a big fat bore-fest!

The past week has definitely been a lot less full-on for me though. My managers were so awesome and still gave me similar hours but more days off *WOOHOO*! So I have been slowly, but surely, been recovering from my depressing slump. Not to mention, I recently submitted an application for a graduate program that I have been waiting to apply for since early last year! Fingers crossed that I get an interview. I really need to look into other grad programs though. I can't just bank on getting into the grad program of my choice. What if I am not a suitable candidate and they don't even call me? Then I'm screwed for essentially another 2 years because I will have to wait until 2014 to apply for the 2015 intake for other companies. FML !! lol

So anyway, in mid February, I took a short 2 week trip to the US with my parents to visit my sister and other relatives. It was my FIRST trip to the US ever!!!

It was actually really strange hearing everyone speak with an American accent -- something I am only used to when I'm watching my American dramas / sitcoms. The whole tipping system really confused me (so lucky that I never had to pay for meals). Things were so much cheaper there and OMFG SO WEIRD BEING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD!!

Okay... I don't know why I was so confused by that because they also drive on the right side of the road in Korea. I guess the major difference was that I spent most of my time on trains in Korea but I rode around in cars all the time while I was staying in the US. Oh heck and wtf gaiizzz!!! How come you can turn on a red light?!

YOU CRAZYYYYY?!!?!? ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Hahaha okay so that aside.. it was a really lovely trip! I hadn't seen my sister and her husband since my brother's wedding and it was the greatest thing in the world to meet my new niece! I have never been so smitten by a baby before! For those that don't know me that well, I am super awkward around babies and children. SUPER. AWKWARD. So awkward that I constantly questioned whether I could ever be maternal and have kids of my own some day. But after meeting Naomi, I'm quite certain that when I meet the right guy, I will feel so blessed and full of joy to hold my own baby °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I spent most of my time in San Jose with my sister and also spent a long weekend with my uncle and aunt in LA. I didn't do anything too touristy, which I suppose is a shame. I never got to go into San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge etc ... but there's always a next time!

Enough talking, I'll let the photos speak for themselves !

Scenic drive around LA after we touched down at the airport

In Alta Dena at my uncle's beautiful house. Photo of my por-por <3.

Their gorgeous bathroom!

Erwin aka Bubby: The cutest, kindest canine ever!

Amazing decor! It's like an awesome B&B!

Flowers my mum bought for the house.

Orchids outside.

My bedside table: totally loved this bird cage!

My room :D

San Jose: first time holding baby Naomi!

Naomi's baptism

Super cutes!

Superb noms in Monterey!

Yummy! I want some right now!

Seriously wanted another serving of this.

These dishes were the yummiest compared to the actual pasta dishes.

Panorama shot: Beach near Monterey

Panorama shot: 17 Mile Drive

Gorgeous foamy waves!

17 Mile Drive: The Lone Cyprus

Beautiful scenery.

So many seals near our Monterey townhouse!

Classy classy haha.