03 February 2013

Travel Diaries: Sydney 2012

Earlier this year, I took a short trip with some girlfriends to Sydney! We had been planning it for quite some time and I was really itching to go because I was desperately craving Japanese cuisine at my favourite restaurant, Wagaya!

Unfortunate for us, our flight to Sydney was DELAYED (screw you Avalon airport and double screw you to Jetstar for not properly informing us) and we ended up waiting another 5-6 hours to fly out!

Getting to Sydney was no better.

When we arrived at our (practically hidden) hotel, it was not what we expected. The listing boasted great facilities as well as newly renovated rooms. What we got was old style Chinese furniture, holes in the wall, tiles showers with permanent marker filling in the gaps (possibly to deter from seeing any mould??), damaged ceilings, sticky sofa, and worst of all...


The other things I could have dealt with over time; but the apparent lack of hygiene and very noticeable presence of pests was too much to bear. I began to worry over whether my bed was actually the home to bed bugs!!!

I was so unhappy about what had happened in just the FIRST day of our trip that it was really difficult to hide my disappointment, frustration and anger. When my spirits are dampened, they stay that way for quite some time. We all decided to look for alternate accommodation when we returned to the hotel that night and Cat demanded a cancellation for the remainder of our stay there as well as a full refund. Luckily, they obliged with our request. Unluckily, we had to stay there another night. The next morning, they moved us to one of the rooms downstairs and it was definitely better but of course, still a shit hole. (Excuse my language.)

I urge all travellers to read on hotel reviews before booking their accommodation. I, for one, have learnt a great lesson from this ordeal and I will never ever go back to Parkview Hotel on Broadway!!!

Okay, so just reassure anyone reading this, our trip was not a total disaster. We ended up getting rooms in Breakfree on George St and it was HEAVEN! OMG you would not believe how much our faces lit up when we saw the quality of the rooms and the facilities were amazing! The location was also super close to China town as well as many other places we wanted to visit, SO YAAAAYYY!

Our trip was filled with many wonderful food adventures and both myself and my belly were very happy hahaha. Sydney had some nice places to shop as well :D Most definitely check out Market City above Paddy's Market! I scored some beautiful bras from Oroton at only 30% of the price!!! They even had a Tony Moly pop-up store there and I really couldn't resist taking a look. It really brought me back to my days in Myeongdong *tear* I miss Seoul!

Anyway, enough blocks of text. Queue photos!

Day 2: Brunch @ KoFoo


Alice & Julie

Food pose hahah XD

Perfect summer treat: 과일 빙수
Shaved ice with fruits and red beans

Sightseeing near the Opera House

Guylian Cafe: some kind of berry mousse tart

Super yum mousse

My favourite! I love eclairs!

Amongst the sweets~

Hahaha my face so round. Too many noms for me! GOT FAT !

Group shot!

Day 3: Pepper Lunch

New cases for my Samsung Galaxy S3 from Paddy's Market!!

Super love these designs!

A few drinks with Rocky and his friends!! :D

Silly times: blending in with the wall.

Group shot!

And finally... faceless face pose ;)
Mobile phone captures:

Big breakfast at Avalon airport whilst waiting for our delayed flight

Rubber ducky ~


Seafood mentai udon

In case anyone is interested, I will list the places I went to eat !

  • Sushi Rio (Japanese sushi train; lunch specials $3 per plate)
  • KoFoo (Korean/Japanese; wait staff are ALL Korean guys hahaha)
  • Wagaya (Japanese; my fave restaurant. Cheap with great service, food & atmosphere. I recommend trying their cream based pasta, dragon roll and also scallop with salmon roll)
  • Din Tai Fung (Yum Cha; must try their truffle xiao long bao)
  • 85 Degrees (small cakes)
  • Yogurtberry (yummy froyo! I recommend the taro flavour)
  • Ramen-kan (Japanese; specialises in a variety of ramen. Very affordable and delicious!)
  • Dae Jang Geum (Korean BBQ)
  • Guylian Cafe (Desserts / Coffee)

K, thanks for reading!! ^__^