29 October 2013


My ultimate bias from JYJ (previously TVXQ) has finally released a full length solo album! I really love the rock influence in a lot of his solo projects. He is undoubtedly the BEST when it comes to ballads, that's why I'm so glad to see him break away from that and try something new. He is one of the few K-POP artists that can actually pull off more rock-pop tracks.

I'm a huge fan of this new release; 'Just Another Girl' has a great dynamic feel to it and the MV shows a less perfect version of JaeJoong (but let's be honest, the man is so darn handsome either way HAHAHA).

My absolute favourite track on the album is 'Butterfly'. It definitely has a nostalgic feel to the type of J-ROCK music I was into as a young'un hahah! 'Paradise' is also a favourite; incorporating a very light and delicate feel with underlining sensuality throughout. It just makes you wanna light a few candles and let the song lullaby you to sleep.

If you like rock music, this is definitely the album for you! It still incorporates solid ballads, some with more of a rock edge to it. In fact, I feel like JaeJoong touches on a few different styles of rock in this album. I'm probably more of a fan of the ones which are J-ROCK influenced :P

Download his full album on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/www/id733734708

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