15 October 2013

K-POP Spotlight: SHINee's 'Everybody'.

This morning, I started scanning YouTube to see what was new and came across one of SHINee's comeback performances for their new release, 'Everybody'. I'll admit, I haven't really been following them as much since they released 'Why so serious?'. I still found the song catchy but didn't really have any urge to have it on repeat. Part of the reason was because Jonghyun had injured himself and so he was removed from the MV and a majority of the promotions. He's always been my SHINee bias, with TaeManMin (lol) coming up as my second favourite. The song lacked that, 'JongHyun-ness'. Haha.

Anyway, their new release is.. good but not great. Maybe because I have been so hooked on music which is a lot more hard-hitting (like Block B's VERY GOOD. Holy smokes, I freaking love that song and the entire concept is so crazy. I can't stop watching their MV for sheer entertainment!). I think the vocals are good but nothing that grabs me and makes me wanna sing along (The repetitions of 'Everybody~ everybody~' really aren't making me chant along for some reason).

I think I have outgrown SHINee!!!

 I'm a little devastated. I've been following them since their '누나 너무 예뻐 (Nuna, you're so pretty)' days, so it's pretty sad that I'm not really into their music anymore.

That aside, I love the concept of the new MV. But...

The dark concept does not suit the overall feel of the song.

Okay, so I read into the lyrics a bit more and I get the feeling there's a message of perhaps not losing yourself to how society places you after you grow into an adult. i.e. stay the young, fresh, free individual you are and take off your 'adult mask'. Err.. yeah something like that. I could be totally wrong but that's the type of impression I got from reading a few translations from Korean.

I mean, in relation to the lyrics, yes they kind of relate to the dark concept. You see a child with a mask and the dance choreography looks to symbolise adults being wind-up toy soldiers; following the norm and social expectations. BUUUUT....

To me, it looks like SM is just following the trend of super dark and eerie themes which seem to be quite the popular trend these days. Not sure they delivered it that well. I definitely prefer G-Dragon's 'Coup d'etat' and Jaejoong's 'MINE' over this MV any day. One of the major differences is: The overall FEEL of the song matches the DARKNESS of the video. Would you disagree?

Blogger's note:
It's been a long time since I last blogged. Last time I mentioned that I probably frequent my twitter and instagram a lot more these days. That's still true but I'm even beginning to step away from twitter as well. Social networking is getting a bit boring these days. I'm not sure my blog is read by many people anyway but I've decided that on my days off I might start blogging about things again. I was always careful about blogging about my personal thoughts and life because I had a bad experience as a teenage but it would be nice to express myself again in my own space. I really loved being able to be honest in my blogging and receive feedback and converse with all my fellow Xanga bloggers. Good old days. I miss them.

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