31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012.

I'm not sure about how others feel, but the older I get, the faster the years seem to pass me by. For some reason this year felt even faster. The amount of time that has passed has really zoomed by for me and it's only today that I've decided to catch my breath and reflect on what made my 2012.

I welcomed the New Year with two of my close girl friends, Ciara and Jess. It was a completely impromptu vendetta but we watched the Sex and the City movie while sipping on a few drinks and contemplated about life and the future. It was actually a pretty emotionally charged and almost depressing night but I was so glad to share these moments with them.

My family also moved houses (once again) because our previous landlord wanted to move back into their property (ehh.. lies! They didn't like that we kept pestering them to fix the hot water system.). I'm actually really glad we moved out of that previous property because there were so many issues with it and it was such a small living space. I much prefer my current residence!!

Christmas in January; I almost forgot about this until Julie reminded me hahaha! For whatever reason, we had to keep pushing back our dinner party. But it was a really fun moment because everyone brought a dish to share. My first 'Christmas' celebration with friends :D

My long awaited Seoul trip with my bubbu, Sarah! We had planned the trip since mid 2011, so it was the most invigorating feeling to finally reach our trip day! We left on the 11th February and returned on 3rd March! Read about my travel guide and diaries here: SEOULadventures

Commencing my FINAL semester for my double degree. It was a long time coming and in truth, I should have finished my studies in 2011 but because I messed up ONE unit, it pushed back my graduation and I wasn't prepared to take an extra unit to finish in time. Luckily for me I was taking Korean and Japanese Linguistics :) The subjects weren't too stressful although I must admit I was very slack with my studies. I guess I was just over university at this point T~T


DIABLO III release! Holy crap I had been waiting for this game since I was a kid! The game was fun to play through the first time but then the novelty soon died. I haven't touched the game in months. To say the least, not a great investment. I remember still being obsessed with playing DIABLO II despite the poor graphics. Oh well.. biggest let down of 2012 (maybe haha).

I also bought my very first iMac! This was a big deal for me because I never really spluge so much on things. Up until this point, I had always just used a PC that my brother built for me with his hand-me-down parts lol! The only thing is, come November/December, my iMac started to experience issues with the power. The stupid thing would just shut down and would refuse to turn on again. I've just received it back from the Apple Store after two rounds of repairs so here's hoping the issue has been resolved!

University exams. LAST EXAMS EVERRR!! (need more be said? haha)

Exam results are released. I PASSED!! RELIEEEFFFFF!!! XD

My 23rd birthday !

Bloggers' dinner with Cat, Ling & Shizuka <3
I got bangs again and dyed my hair for the FIRST time in over 1.5years! (Big deal for me because previous to going back to natural black, I was a platinum blonde.) Wasn't a huge fan of my bangs and people kept telling me I looked like a fob -_-"

Graduation ceremony on 18th October; it was actually a really boring experience haha. I decided to graduate with the Science faculty because they manage my Arts/Science double degree. I had no friends to graduate with and none of my friends were able to attend because I only had 3 tickets. Poop. I guess I always imagined taking happy snaps with my friends and being showered with bouquets LOL. Unrealistic expectations.

Super busy with lots of outings (super tiring too).

Finally watched the Rurouni Kenshin Live Action movie at the Japanese Film Festival. I even brought my friends who didn't read the manga/watch the anime and they LOVED IT. So I definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes action, samurai, anime, and a good laugh. The characteristion in the script was mind-blowing. It was serious when it needed to be and so cute and comical when appropriate! I really can't wait to own this on DVD!

So that pretty much catches us up to the present. Actually, when I look back, it seems that not many things happened. I had to base a lot of these events on my trusty little day planner. ERmm.. ok I didn't document everything in there but I'm sure I noted down the most memorable moments.

Next year, I'd love to be able to have bigger and better memories every month! Let's do it!

So what is everyone doing for NYE? I haven't planned anything but I may end up with a quiet night at home again. I'm not much of a party queen hahaha. Have a great one everyone!