21 October 2012

ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ Lux・Grad・Hallo・Venus

Zippy zig zag doop dee doo..

No, that didn't make sense. Yes, I am slightly crazy.
You'd think after the grand time off from work that I'd be super refreshed and ready for anything but I'm actually craving for more time off. I think it's a sign that I really need to get away. Perhaps come Christmas time, I can start thinking about planning an overseas trip or something. Chances seem slim for a group trip with one or more close friends, so maybe I'll have to suffice for a solo trip. It might be a bit scary but maybe it's something I need to do for myself.

Anyway, holiday talk aside, I recently caught up with my old university classmate from Korean class, Jasmin, last Wednesday! It's been such a long time since we went out together. Probably the last time was when I returned from Korea to give her all her cosmetics and skin care hehe. I kept bumping into her while she was working and even the Jay Park concert so I think it was a sign that we needed to catch up on things! Wow.. you have no idea how much we had to tell each other. I think the main topic of conversation was guy troubles though. I suppose it felt good to talk about what's been on my mind lately. I'll be honest; I have a very boring life and non-existent love life. I'm a total home-body, so you'll rarely see me hitting the clubs or getting drunk on weekends. I prefer staying at home to watch movies, catch up on korean dramas, play xbox 360 games and occasionally having drink ups (but only every few months). I think in reality, I know that I should settle down with someone who has a like-minded lifestyle to mine. I foresee a lot of resentment and fighting stemming from dating someone with a lifestyle opposite to mine. At the end of the day, you cannot change a person unless they want to change for themselves. It's just a shame that the guys I have liked in the past are party boys. So totally not me.

Okok, emo love life aside.. we had a GREAT time chatting and enjoyed our TEA FOR TWO at Luxbite in South Yarra. This was my second time there and I'm always very pleased with the level of service. I think next time I will try one of the lunch specials though. Too much sweets! We took more than a couple of hours to finish everything haha.

(Too lazy to edit the photos)

Chai Latte

Jasmin & I

Using SONY NEX F3 soft skin effect

Tea For Two~ pulled pork and vegetable finger sandwiches

Macarons; Kaya toast, PB&J, Oolong, Hazelnut

Endless Love

Vegetable sandwich; brussel sprouts, corn, beans

Yummy but too much sugar to eat in one sitting haha

Meringue Monster & Endless Love


The next day, I woke up to my GRADUATION DAY! So very blessed that I was able to get this time off work. Gown fitting and graduation registration commenced at 1PM, so I picked up my gown and then came back home to finish getting ready. We headed back to university a bit before 3PM so we could find parking and get into the hall early because we were required to go through the 'rehearsal' prior to the 4PM start. It was a super nerve-racking moment!!! I was seated away from my family with the other graduands and I didn't know anyone else graduating because all my friends are either finishing end of this year or have already graduated last year! Super lonely girl. I was seated between two guys (one of whom kept coughing throughout the ceremony!!! I was so paranoid about getting sick and was psyching myself out with the thought of having to shake the Dean's hand after this fellow had shook his hand. GERM TRANSFERENCE AHHHHHH!!!), so it was kind of uncomfortable. Walking across the stage was like fast and slow motion at the same time. I remember them saying my name, touching my graduation cap while smiling at the Dean and then thinking, "One foot in front of the other, please don't face plant on the stage!" HAHAHAHAHA!! It was over so quickly though. I'll be honest, graduation ceremonies are quite boring. It kind of sucked that we were limited to 3 tickets per graduate student. I really wanted my friends there but I didn't take any photos with friends in my gown :( As people walked on stage, I heard crazy cheers and exclamations of "WOO!!". I was SO envious! Sigh. Such is life..

Graduation gown

Super nice weather!!

Accepting my certificates :3

with Mum

After the ceremony ended, we headed to the Campus Centre for refreshments and finger food. It was so packed when we got there!! Everyone was diving for the sandwiches/cakes/etc. whenever a new plate was brought in hahaha! They were also serving alcoholic drinks (which I found surprising for some reason), but neither of us had any. After a while, we had to head back home though, because my sister in law was waiting for us. We went for dinner at Viking92 ~ korean BBQ!! I must admit, the meat isn't as nice as Korea. A lot of it is frozen meat. For some reason I remembered it being a lot yummier the last time I went there with the girls. Mum also thinks we were dangerously overcharged (i.e. $29 per person, but then $23 for drinks?! We only had 3 calpis cans and 1 lipton ice tea!). I don't know why she didn't just ASK what we were being charged for. So silly!

The following Friday, I had work and then AA / grad drinks with some of my closest friends at my house. I'm not big on drinking, but we've made it a ritual to get together every few months to play a few drinking games and catch up with everyone. I've really missed my friends lately. I think I've been so consumed with work and stressing out over certain things that I haven't been able to spend as much time with them. I always feel happier when I'm around them and I'm so glad we got to have this reunion. We ended up playing Soul Calibur V and making a drinking game out of it hahaha! Everyone took a turn in story mode. Each win = EVERYONE DRINKS. But when you lost, you had to take a big shot :P We ended up ditching the penalty shots after a while because we were actually pouring a large amount of bubbly to scull and we were getting burpy and nauseous LOL.

After finally finishing story mode, we chucked on The Avengers and everyone chose a character. Whenever that character made an appearance, we had to drink. When Loki appeared, everyone had to drink. Gotta say, we didn't really stay attentive for too long but we kept at it while we played taboo! It was so nice to play a few different games to our usual 'King's Cup' and 'I have never..' games. Maybe next time we can try Julie's beer pong games haha!

Okay, I'm getting rather sleepy right now. I'll end this blog post with a photo from my work friend's recent Housewarming Party where I cosplayed as Sailor Venus. The theme was HALLOWEEN. I know.. not very scary of me to dress up as a Sailor Scout. Maybe I should have dressed up as an evil version. Oh well.. cutesy suits me better ^^;;

12 October 2012

Take A Walk

Take a walk with me now
Take a walk with me now
I’ll be your friend
I’ll be your friend

Take a deep breath of air
Take a deep breath of air
To clear your mind
To clear your mind

Do you feel lost in your place
No one seems to understand your mind
Does anyone care to know what is it
That troubles you inside
Do you feel lonely in your heart
Though everything seems to be right
Take a walk with me, away
From everything that makes you to cry

Take a walk when you feel low and nothing seems to comfort you inside

10 October 2012

Too much to blog.. gonna die щ(ಥДಥщ)

2012 was meant to be the year I stepped up my game and became the frequent blogger I once was when I was a teenager. Back in the day, xanga was my best friend and I would blog before school, after school, middle of the night, weekends blahblah etc. These days, I've moved my blog to blogspot and instead of being my 'best friend', it's become more of a 'sometimes friend'.

I could just say that 'I don't have time..' or 'I have nothing to blog about..' but these are both very petty excuses.

I'm just lazy!

I work over 30 hours a week and when I get home I like to sit on the couch like a bum and watch TV with my parents until my eyes are fighting to stay open. On my days off, I try to catch up on sleep, social networking, blog reads, youtube subscriptions and korean dramas. I simply don't make the time to blog (¬、¬) what a bum head..

(yes.. even I think I'm a bum head..)

The whole point of blogging for me is to keep an online journal of things happening in my life. I do keep a paper journal as well, but those are all for my whimsical and deep deep thoughts about life and whatnot lol. Wow.. so deep. Blogging takes 'Dear Diary' to a whole new dimension. Unless blogspot dies, I will always have my blog on the internet to read. I can add videos, photos and absurd amounts of internet lingo which might otherwise seem totally ridiculous if I wrote it down on paper. I mean really.. who writes LOL in their paper journal?! .... ok wait bad example ... I actually do that. (一。一;;)

Anyway, I am going to embark on the longest blog post possible and smash out those recollections of events that have been filling up my time during the past few months! LEGGO!