05 September 2012

KPOP Picks #1

It's my day off today! YAAAY!!

I've been catching up on all my KPOP music and thought I would share my top picks! I'm also trying a few new KPOP groups who I haven't given much attention to before. Hopefully I can find some quality ear candy to add to my playlist! If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear from you too :D

Artist: Seo In Young (서인영)
Thoughts: This is a really uplifting pop rock track - something very different from In Young's usual genre of music. The beat is addictive and the song gives off a feeling of empowerment. Song was composed by Kush, so it's a track that is sure to please! I really love In Young's style in this MV too. So very hip and chic!!

Artist: KARA
Song: Pandora
Thoughts: KARA is back with a super catchy track. I don't know about you guys, but I think their music kinda gives off a bit of a JPOP feel as well. I suppose it's because they've been promoting in Japan lately. I really love this track though! It's very captivating and the MV shows off how GORGEOUS the girls are. I especially fell in love with Goo Hara's sexy eyes and new hair style. Damn you Hara, you make me want to dye and get a fringe!

Artist: AOA (Ace Of Angels)
Song: Elvis
Thoughts: Probably the only song I like from this new rookie group. They're the first girl group / band hybrid on the KPOP scene thus far. While I quite liked the concept of a girl group / band, it really leaves out the drummer, Youkyung (유경), in live performances. They have, however, released a normal version and also a band version of the MV, which I think is great. But I'm not sure if they've promoted the song as just a band. The song itself is super catchy, "Elvis 찌릿찌릿 Elvis. 찌릿찌릿 Elvis. Tell me tell me your love." The vocals are also really nice and strong during the bridge and chorus. The rap, however, is a bit disjointed in my opinion but I still enjoy it.

Artist: BoA
Song: Only One
Thoughts: OMG, so glad that the Queen of Pop is back. I really love this song. When you first listen to it, you might think it's quite simplistic and not too impressive. But trust me, this song is harder to sing than it appears. To top it off, BoA dances the full choreography whilst singing this almost perfectly every time she performs live. I super love the dance choreography by the way. It was choreographed by Tabitha and Napolean :D If you don't know who they are, maybe you should watch So You Think You Can Dance (USA). I especially love their lyrical hip hop choreography!! 

I think that's it for my KPOP Picks. It seems I've only covered female artists which is totally bizarre because most of the music I listen to is male dominated hahaha. I'm still listening to G-Dragon's new tracks  '그 XX' and 'One of a Kind'. They're very different, which I like but I don't know how much I like them at this point haha. Seems I'm in more a pop mood these days. Must be the Spring weather in Melbourne! -^^-