20 August 2012

Goodbye 22. Hello 23!

Camho shot before the night's festivities

Last week, I embarked on my birthday celebratory adventures with the help of a few good friends. In all honesty, I wasn't too pumped about turning my back on being 22 (and awesome). Twenty-three sounds and looks like such a BLAH-WHATEVER-MERH age. But at the end of the day, age is just a number; it's what we associate with that age that really makes the difference. I don't feel and I don't think I act like a 23 year old. It's a far cry from how I imagined my life to be when I reached this age. I feel as though people around me and society in general would view me differently now that I'm 23. Is that weird? 23 seems like an age associated with even more responsibility and expectations for my life to be overall 'together'. I'm so far away from being 'together'. I refuse to believe that I fail at life! >___>;;

10.08.12 Drinks @ Lion Hotel
Nothing like a few drinks to take the edge off my foreboding ascent to 23-dom. I invited a lots of people who I wanted to have a good time with and catch up with. Only a portion of those I invited rocked up and many more bailed due to work commitments, other events or the shitty weather (I don't blame them). I've never had my birthday at a bar before but it was nice having a casual catch up without having to plan for much. One thing is for sure though, I need to master the art of bouncing between friends. It was SO hard to keep up with everyone! I mostly concentrated on spending the most time with people I rarely get to see.

 Look for the night.

 With Keith

 And more with Keith

Cat & Keith (& Juan photobombing)
With Lisa
With Dennison
With Sarah bubbu
Solo shot (accidentally wore foundation w/ SPF >.<)
With Miao and Teresa
 With Davo!!!

"B!&%# WTF?! "
With Teresa
A few of my work buddies!
With Keith again (photowhore buddy)
With Dinh
Starting to open presents while everyone else is away
Blinding flash on my camera hehehe

11.08.12 Classy Ladies @ The Waiting Room for Afternoon Tea
The next day, my favourite ladies joined me for a cuppa at The Waiting Room, Crown Towers. I decided to go for a much more toned down make up look than my usual (but now I wish I had packed on more for my eyes because they look a little bare in the photos T^T). I had trouble choosing an outfit to wear too... sigh! I had bought a few dresses in the days leading up to the weekend but I was still not satisfied. By the end of it, time was running thin so I decided to go with a red dress with neckline cut outs, paired with a faux fur vest. I had also had my hair cut the night before and didn't know how to style it now that I had lots of side layers. Omg regret cutting my hair now!!!! T__T It was okay when Zoii was styling it for me, but I'm super lazy girl when it comes to my hair. Especially now that it is back to natural colour. Blaaaahh~~ hairstyle beauty blues.

Look for the day. More natural maybe?

The menu

The experience was absolutely magical. Served by our waiter, Francisco, we were treated with a lot of care. I wouldn't say this was the best high tea / afternoon tea I've experienced though. I really liked the one at Grand Hyatt too.

Our menu:
Parmesan Biscuits & Anchovy Twists

~Finger Sandwiches~
Cucumber & Chive Butter
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Chicken & Walnut
Boiled Egg & Avruga Caviar

Chocolate, Peanut & Caramel Tart
Fruit Mince Tart
Passionfruit Miroir
'Fairy' Eclair

Orange & Vanilla Scones with House-Made Strawberry Jam & Cream

We completed the afternoon with some photography, sticker photos in the CBD and shopping in the newly opened Daiso! Hahaha! <3 I had so much fun with my girlfriends and I am already craving to go again! Someone come to high tea with me hahah!

12.08.12 Dinner with the Family @ de Fasio
Seeing as I was going to be at work for pretty much the whole day (turned out to be 9am - 8pm) on my actual birthday, we decided to go for a casual pasta dinner on the Sunday. I had never been to de Fasio before. It seems to be managed by Asians but the cooks are all Caucasian. The food was only so-so. I found my salmon fettucine to be quite tasteless and I felt mysef yearning for the delicious carbonara Sarah and I consumed in Seoul (bogoshipeo Pane Pasta!). It was still nice to be able to dine out with my parents and brother/sis-in-law.

16.08.12 Dinner Date with Ciara @ China Bar Buffet
Ciara and I decided to go out for dinner on the Thursday after my birthday. Little did I know, she was treating me to food galore at China Bar! I had never been before so it was really exciting!!! We made sure we tasted almost EVERYTHING.. but we weren't able to make it to the seafood bar. Oh well.... we did well nonetheless. The durian ice cream was SOOO creamy and yum too! I should have snuck some into my purse LOL!

Overall, it's been a fun birthday week. Maybe being 23 isn't so bad :)

13 August 2012

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Film (2012)


I have been a huge fan of the Rurouni Kenshin anime TV series and OVAs since I was a kid. I'll admit I haven't watched the entire TV series, or read the manga, but it's always been in my top favourites list. It's sad to say, not a lot of my friends actually know what it is - but they're more familiar with other cult anime, like Naruto and Bleach. I am sooo excited for the upcoming live action adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin! I was very unsure about it at first but after watching the trailers, I find myself jumping for joy in anticipation!!

Watch these two trailers. You won't regret it!

Michelle Phan MasterClass

On Friday, 3rd August, I attended the Michelle Phan MasterClass event which was hosted at the Myer Melbourne Mural Hall. Tickets were $50 per person to secure a spot at the event. However, we were given a $50 Lancome voucher when we registered at the event :D So it was basically free!!!! I was lucky to share the experience with 3 very lovely friends of mine; Alice, Serinna & Courtney! <3

We started sign in close to 6PM before the beginning of the event. We were greeted with cute and super scrumptious chicken finger sandwiches, champagne and... beef ragout with super silky mashed potato (and other yummy touches, such as spinach, red wine sauce and chestnuts.)!!!! The food was so nice T___T I should have taken two servings of the beef ragout! I'm such a piggy ^-(00)-^ OINK!

The night kicked off with Paula Joye revving the crowd of Phan Girls (and Guys?) for the night. Honestly, I don't follow a lot of blogs and certainly not a lot of the really popular fashion/beauty/lifestyle ones in Australia. I had no idea who Paula was, but after looking at her blog, I can see why she's quite a successful blogger!

I'll be honest, I don't remember a lot of what was being said that night. I'm pretty sure 90% of the people at the event had their eyes glued to the staircase, waiting for Michelle's entrance :P When she finally graced us with her gorgeous smile, everyone was like OMGGG *hurrying to take photos*!! LOL! I saw people taking photos with their iPads to... umm hahahah iPads are not cameras.

I actually wouldn't say that this was much of a MasterClass. Even Michelle thought it sounded like such a oohlala exaggeration lol. Michelle didn't do any demonstrations and most of us (judging from the post-event comments on facebook) were actually VERY disappointed because Michelle wasn't on stage for very long. I had expected her to do a makeup look on a model or even someone in the audience. Instead, it was more of a Q&A session with Paula and there were demomstrations by 3 make up artists in the background. Disappointing.

After a very short stage appearance, Michelle walked off stage and we were asked to begin lining up in an orderly fashion to have our photo taken with her and to also browse the beauty stations while we were waiting. Naturally, a lot of people went for the photos first. Probably 2/3 went to line up while the ther 1/3 looked at beauty stations and checked out the Lancome products we could possibly redeem with our voucher.

I took full advantage of getting beauty advice. I haven't used many Lancome products before, apart from mascara (which didn't hold my curl very well) and skin care (which gave me a skin irritation sigh). I was advised to try the Dolly Eye mascara because it was super popular and the waterproof version may help to hold my curl better. The Lancome lady also recommended a natural lipstick paired with the Juicy Tubes as well as a very natural blush. In the end, I opted for Michelle Phan's special edition set. It had a nice eyeshadow pallete, full size artliner (which is allegedly 'the bomb!') and a trial size Dolly Eye mascara (not WP though T_T). (Refer to end of post for photos)

Serinna & I with Michelle! She was like, 'Awwww!!!' because we were so short hahah. Keep in mind that we were actually in flats that night, while Michelle had super platform heels :P So in fact, we were probably closer in height if we were all barefoot hahah!! She was incredibly sweet and beautiful~ She even complimented me on my false lashes and we brushed arms a few times >_> Her skin is so soft!!!! AHHHH!! I am totally not a weirdo hahaha. Courtney was worse than me, ok? She was blushing and fangirling like crazy XD SO CUTE!!!! <3

Waiting in line before the event
Despite being disappointed with the 'masterclass', we all had a lot of fun together and the event was actually very good value for money. We even received gift bags at the end of the night!