23 July 2012

Red lippy, bold eyes & birthday parties

Hello munchkins~

I haven't blogged in the longest time! I don't think I've had much motivation to write about things that have been happening in my life lately. It's all just workworkwork and now that I'm (supposed to be) finished with all my units for my degree, I am now free from university! Waiting on my confirmation email for my graduation gown. I should be graduating sometime in October though.

Apart from work and university, I've recently upgraded to the new Samsung Galaxy SIII! It's definitely a change to be using an Android OS when I've grown so accustomed to iOS on my iPhone 4. There are some pros and cons of both types of handsets and software ~ maybe I will get into that another time :)

I also watched DARK KNIGHT RISES on Sunday night. It was AMAZING! I wouldn't mind going to watch it again! I'll admit I was getting a bit uncomfortable in the cinemas though.. can't sit in those crappy seats for 3 hours straight without getting restless haha. If you haven't already made plans to watch it, I seriously suggest that you get on it!!!! You won't regret :D 

Not much more I want to write about, so I will end this post with a few photos from recent birthdays I've attended for my work mates :D So many birthdays in July!!!

Jase, Ray, Joel & Anthony

Paul & I while I was sitting! I'm so short compared to him lol

Shorty shorty little brat!

Megan & I <3

Sipping on some midori ;)

Joel & Megan
Shehani & I @ Khokolat Bar