30 June 2012

Sweet Tooth: My Luxbite experience

It was my mother's birthday on Thursday, so I decided to take her out on the town for a little indulgence. I had heard of Luxbite here and there but had never had the chance to see the place for myself, so what better opportunity than my mother's birthday! It was also a good chance for me to pamper myself because I had contracted an eye infection earlier in the week and had woken up with a giant swollen eye :( Let's just say, I looked like Quasimodo's sister.. not a pretty sight. Thank goodness for sunglasses!!

My gorgeous mummy <3

We got there around 1 o'clock, after my doctor's appointment and it was actually quite empty, apart from two ladies sitting near the entrance (then it became crazy packed after about 15min HAHAH). After looking through the menu, we decided on 'Tea For Two': Two gourmet sandwiches, your choice of any two desserts, any four macarons and any two beverages.

We decided on the Apple Crumble Eclair and the Meringue Monster for the desserts, Affogato and Hot Chocolate for the beverages and kaya toast, creme brulee, salted caramel & sour strawberry for the macarons.

Everything tasted AMAZING! Although I felt too stuffed to finish my halves of the salted caramel and creme brulee because the flavours were so strong. It would have been niceif the set included more savoury and less sweets I think. Definitely a bit too much of a sugar rush for only two people.

I absolutely loved the desserts though. The Apple Crumble Eclair was soo light and perfectly balanced. It actually tasted like apple crumble, except that it wasn't hot from the oven with a melted scoop of ice cream on the side haha. (Burnt butter apple compote, cinnamon cream, condensed milk caramel, crumble, green apple sherbet)

The Meringue Monster was HANDS DOWN my favourite dessert. The base is a white chocolate cake (although it didn't taste like it to me) with a strawberry mousse, watermelon yogurt mousse and meringue on the outside. The watermelon mousse was sweet and light, the cake was moist, the strawberry mousse tart and tangy and the meringue was like this fluffy, cloud-esque marshmallow. SO GOOD!!! The dessert was not heavy at all. We even brought home another one for my brother and sis-in-law to try :3

Macarons were also really yummy. Lots of exotic flavours to choose from and I recommend you try KAYA TOAST! It's super yummy and I'm craving them as I type this hahaha.

I'm soo looking forward to going back there and trying all of their other desserts and even the other savoury foods on  the menu! To finish off this droolworthy blog post, I will share additional photos I took of the desserts I brought back for my family :D

These two other desserts are the Oriental Eclair with caramelised banana, passionfruit, pandan, coconut & peanut crumble and SuperSized Love with chocolate & hazelnut (it tastes like a ferrero rocher). I recommend SuperSized Love.. IT'S SO NOMMALICIOUS!

Check out their website:

Visit their store:
38 Toorak Road
South Yarra VIC 3141

YG fan girl *puts hand up*

 Any YG fans out there? I am a HUGE Big Bang VIP and back in the day, I loved SE7EN as well. I decided to order  the YG Faily Concert 2011 and Big Bang's BIG SHOW 2011 from YesAsia after having a DVD/CD buying ban since I returned from Korea. Generally I don't buy a lot of the CDs or DVDs anymore because all my Big Bang and TVXQ CD/DVDs are either in storage or just sit on my book case these days. Feels kinda sad but I don't really watch them that often. At least I'm supportring my favourite artists though!

I haven't taken the time to watch the BIG SHOW 2011 concert yet but the YG Family Concert was ABSOLUTE LOVE!! I still need to watch the 3rd disc (special features) but the concert itself was just amazing. I've never really paid much attention to the other artists before; I usually have my focus on Big Bang and 2NE1. Gummy is absolutely stunning, Psy has a comical entertainment factor and JinuSean are so effing swag.. I have no words! To think that JinuSean are soo freaking awesome lol to me, they're just ahjussi now because I always see photos of Sean with his kids hehe. It was really good to see mied collaboration stages, groups performing other YG artists' title songs and most of all, seeing SE7EN perform those good old classics..

If you're a YG fan, you should definitely check it out!

Crescent Nail Salon

A couple of weeks ago, Cat & I decided to book ourselves an appointent with Crescent Nail Salon  for a little pampering.

Crescent Nail Salon is located in Fashion Park in the CBD and is still a very small business; but I really hope they can grow and open a bigger store. It's very small and cosy at the moment and I think they're doing really well considering they've only opened in the last few months.

I'd never really had my nails professionally done before; unless you count my mum's friend doing my nails for my debutante ball. I intended to try getting extensions (either gel or acrylic) since I've never had them before, but I'm so glad I didn't get them in the end. My natural nails were quite a nice length already and now that they've been growing out the past 2 weeks, I'm already struggling to type (so many typos.. ugh lol).

I was originally going to get a design similar to one of Cheesie's because I absolutely fell in love with the teal and black design ^0^ But after flipping through a few of the magazines, I decided  to go for a sweet floral design. I had to tweak it though, because the original design had very complex tips which require a lot more work (especially when you're working with gel) and would have cost me more. I really loved how it turned out though~ two feature nails and then the rest are pastel pink! I love pastels so muchhh!

Haruka was soooo good ~ she even hand painted the roses すごくキレイ~ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ She's so talented! Plus she gave me free service and gave me all the pearls for free~~ ありがとうはるかさん!I seriously could NOT stop staring at my nails for days after I had them done. So pretty to look at; even my customers gave me compliments at work! Even more surprising, GUYS gave me compliments too!!

I was so happy with my experience at Crescent Nail Salon, I have already thought about what kind of design I will do next time!! YAY can't wait!

Here are some snaps I took while Sachiko & Stephanie were working on Cat's nails:

Haha Cat couldn't decide on a design either but she ended up combining about 3 different types! She chose a black gel base with nail extensions and had flowers and pearl design.

Super happy with the great service we received and now I can have pretty nails for the next few weeks heehee! It's already been almost 2 weeks and my nail art is still in perfect condition~ ಥ‿ಥ

Please visit their facebook page and show support!!

Visit them at:
Shop 3, 168 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000

Thank you Crescent Nail Salon <3
I'll see you again soon xx

Rainbow Karaoke: 友達会った(•̪ o •̪)

Rainbow Karaoke
Level 2, 206 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000

It was so good to see everyone because it had been quite a while since our last meet up. Everyone has been so busy with their jobs and university~ so very difficult to find a time when everyone is available. I had to plan this many weeks in advance and luckily, most of us could attend.

It was my first time at Rainbow Karaoke ~ the aesthetics of the venue are really quite nice. They have many different themed rooms and also pool tables, bar area and a restaurant. I really should have taken more photos but I didn't think much of doing so -___-" Karaoke is charged by room and we paid something like $228 for a medium sized room with room hire from 7PM til late. The $228 also goes towards your drink and food allowance (you can spend up to that amount). Not bad right? But then again, not a great range of food to choose from (not many which appealed to me personally) and they were all very expensive!! Another downside was that we didn't even get to choose which themed room we wanted! They just chucked us into a Western cabin-like themed room. Le sigh. It was a Monday night too, so very sure the place was quite empty and we should have had free reign over which room we would have preferred.

Room service was also crap. We ring the service and then no one comes. At all. Until we ran out to the front  desk. FML WTF YOU SUCK! DX They also weren't very accommodating in terms of  making sure that we knew how to use the karaoke system. They just walked us in and left. Nevermind that none of us can read Chinese; therefore rendering us USELESS when it came to reading the options on the screen. Don't think I want to go there again.. maybe that's just me being very picky but it's a very quiet Monday night; surely you can provide BETTER and more HIGH QUALITY service.

Perhaps in future I will give the benefit of the doubt and try going there again. I'm still feeling a bit reluctant too. OH ! They also forgot to give me back my license.. so luckily I remembered before I walked out. Tsk tsk, worst ever.

We ended the night taking a shot with Cat's old van! Okay this may seem very pointless to everyone else but our friendships and bonding time have all revolved around this old lass. They're going to be trading it in, hence, one last photo to save as a memory. There have been so many good times in this car.. it's actually a little sad to say goodbye.

Accessorize it: my favourite accessories

I recently bought a new camera (Sony NEX F3) and decided to take photos of some of my favourite pieces of jewellery so that I could practice using the different functions and settings. I've still got to practice a lot more but it's been fun learning :D (tips and tricks would be musc appreciated if you can offer any advice!)

- Rings & Earrings from Seoul - Cross Necklace from Colette -