30 April 2012

Day 14 Myeongdong & Lotte Young

Sleepy day today~ slept in til about 10am and had breakfast before napping again for a few hours in the couch. I'm starting to miss my own bed..

We headed to Yoogane for some chicken kimchi fried rice with cheese filled ddeokbeokki (rice cakes). Only 5,500won for a serving. The staff cook it in front of you on a large hot plate. Smells super yummy and doesn't taste too bad either. Although I personally love my mum's fried rice way more~

Headed into Migliore which is full of small shops selling clothing. Bought some pants for 30,000won (cbb bargaining), a light Parker like thing for 25,000 and a light green fitted fashion blazer for 39,000. Need to stock up on more blazers >.<

Later went across to Lotte Young department store. Not too sure why they call it Young but I ended up buying a cute smock dress to wear for my friend's birthday at H&M and a formal business dress from Zara for 29,000 :) we also made our way into the main Lotte Department store to look for J.estina watches but I ended up buying macarons instead lol! 1,500won each but I got the box so it was another 1,000won for the packaging -.- we chose vanilla, green tea, caramel, yuzu, earl grey and.. wasabi! Haven't tried wasabi yet but I'll report back when I do! (edit: wasabi wasn't spicy at all! Most of the macarons didn't have a very strong taste.. just sweet.. hrmm..)

Before heading home, I also picked up a new purse from The Clige~ I really like the simple exterior design and one of the inside card holders swivels out; which I think it pretty neat xD

We kept debating what to have for dinner but... we saw an ad for Mr Pizza on tv and couldn't resist Nichkhun's charm LOL so we made it our mission to seek out a Mr Pizza restaurant. When we got there it was almost 9pm haha so we decided to take away!we got the lobster pizza and spagetti bolognese. It was cold by the time we got home but still nice. The pasta wasn't great... But the pizza was really unique and tasty~

Day 13 Lotte World

We got up early for once and headed out to Dongdaemun, then Jamsil to go to Lotte World!

When we got there, it was already past 11.30 or something and the lines (on both sides) were crazy long. We waited about 45 min at least to get our tickets. Actually I'm not sure of the times really... Wasn't really checking up on the time very often =.= the point is, we waited a long time lol we were also delighted to find out we got a foreigner discount xD 40,000won down to 36,000won for adult special pass~ yay

The rides were really fun :) don't remember the names but the first ride we went on was a giant ship! I screamed so much lol it was so exhilarating though!!! Highly recommend!

Next, we went on some boat ride which was the Sinbad ride or something. There were two small but fun drops but it was pretty chill the rest of the way.

We also rode on The Flume lol it seats 4 people so we were paired with a couple haha I got quite a bit of water all over me since I was sitting at the front xD but the drops were amazing lol! Screamed so much and held on for dear life hahaha the one annoying thing was the wait time. We waited around 80min (minimum) and we had a bunch of kids in front of us who were SO annoying and kept staring at us and whispering about us. Then they stood in single file to stare down at... water. Yes, water. Wtf. Never seen running water before it seems.. deprived, annoying, rude children. The Korean girls behind us kept telling them off (thank the Lord! I was so thankful lol). They also complained about a couple with bunny ears who were standing behind them who eventually pushed their way and snuck 4-5 spots ahead of us. Butt heads!!! We were so annoyed! Not sure why people are so damn rude here... -.-

They had REAL tulips growing here. All picture perfect!

So pretty *couldn't stop touching them LOL*

Baby pink colours <3

Anywaaay.. after the ride we decided to munch on a few corn dogs and hot dogs xD my first time having a corndog and I still want to know why it's called a corndog when I don't see or taste any corn. Unless they use corn flour... Hrmm...

We went to explore Magic Island as well, which is outdoors and has a Disney-like castle. There were much scarier rides there (like the Gyro Drop) but I didn't want to go on anymore rides after eating. The ridiculously long queues really put us off too. We were both beginning to get really tired so we headed out after only spending about 4 hours there. Most of the rides seem very similar to the ones you would find at the amusement parks on the Gold Coast in Australia.

There's a lot of shopping in Jamsil station~ if you're looking for fashion bargains, I recommend you check it out at the underground shopping mall. I ended up buying a cute little shoulder bag for about 16,000won and a back pack for 20,000 won :)

After coming home to rest, we headed out for a late dinner at our favourite pasta place, Pane Pasta. I tried Spaghetti Vongole~ a pasta dish I saw featured in the kdrama, Pasta (one of my favourite dramas lol). It was pretty yummy and not heavy at all. It's a spicy, garlic-y pasta dish and usually something I'd hate. But it really wasn't so bad. It's my mission to try many more new pasta dishes while I'm here because the pasta chefs are amazing in Seoul!! I cannot find a decent pasta place in Melbourne unless I pay $30+ for a dish. Over here, I only pay something like 12,000won ($12AUD)! Ridiculous!!! Who knew pasta would be so fantastic in a place like Seoul?!

Ending this entry with a random Etude House stall in Lotte World XD

20 April 2012

Day 12 <3 명동 lover

Finally, a day to sleep in!

I decided to sleep on the couch the night before; just cuz that's my thing back home lol. I didn't bother grabbing my doona, so I made do with my jackets as blankets xD

I finally awoke around 11am to the smell of Sarah's deodorant. I sat up and looked over at the hallway and noticed light shining from her room... But when I walked up to her door, I couldn't see her in the room anywhere -.- it was only about 30min later that I saw the lovely note she left me on the coffee table lol. So slow~

Around 1pm, we went to McDonald's for brunch. Can you believe they don't have happy meal toys?! Sounds like a sad meal to me >.< I opted for the Bacon and Tomato Deluxe set (or whatever it was called) .. They don't seem to have small, medium or large meals either... Just the one set :/ the burger tasted ok but could barely taste the bacon. I might try their bulgogi burger next time :)

After brunch, we went shopping (geez we never tire of shopping in Myeongdong!!). I bought some goodies from Daiso <3 I can't wait to try the gradient nail sets! I got them in all the colour sets available; pink, purple, orange. Wish it had a blue one too >.<

I also bought some new skin care from Tony Moly's Honey-Bee line; toner (120mL), essence(50mL) and emulsion (120mL). They're really quite large bottles; I hope they last a long time because I paid 69,000 won >.< it better be a worthwhile investment!

Sarah and I checked out Banila Co. as well. We had never walked inside before because we weren't too sure about the price or quality of the brand but turns out that we both bought some things from there haha. I got two really pretty natural shade lipsticks (13,000won each) in 'Tequila Sunrise' and a nude colour.

The truth is, we've been trying to go shoulder bag shopping this whole time because the handbags we brought with us are big and cumbersome to take around, particularly when in crowded places (I.e. shopping areas or subway stations). I happened to stop by a really pretty, girly, classy style boutique called Roem and found a really nice bag for only 39,900! The thing was, it wasn't a shoulder bag... But I so didn't care because I've wanted a pretty, sophisticated bag for a while. It was so cheap too~ some of their other smaller shoulder bags were actually 79,900 >.<

After doing some damage, we came home to rest before going out to 치르차르 chicken fusion restaurant. The chicken was super juicy and tender~ we struggled to finish the whole serving!! We were going to take away the left overs but decided not to. Crispy chicken is only good when eaten fresh ._.

*Queue more spending...*

I'm not sure why but I was in complete splurge mode today. After dinner, I proceeded to stock up on gorgeous bras and PJs from Mixxo (12,900 ~ 19,900won). I have to admit, I did plan on getting bras here. They fit me so much better because they're made specifically for Asian women. All the bras I get in Australia don't have the correct support and aren't very comfortable. To get a pretty and decent bra can cost a lot too.

Anywaaay~ I later did some more damage in H&M haha the fashion there is quite decently priced~ the most expensive item I bought was only 35,000 won and they were blue pumps :D yaay~

Before heading home, we stopped by Caffe Bene. I wanted to try the waffle with strawberries but apparently they weren't available anymore :( so I just ordered a Double Chocolate Latte and a green tea gelato. They were both so yumm~~ I love great quality food and drink hehe

Right now I'm lying in bed willing myself to sleep but finding my need to blog all my thoughts right now more important than catching some Zzz's. Tomorrow we plan to visit Lotte Workd amusement park. I need to get up early so it's tata for now~

여러분, 잘자~

Day 11 Hongdae

It's 8.49am here in Seoul. I've been up for over an hour. I couldn't sleep so I decided to start packing my buys since I got here because I've no idea if it would fit. Turns out, with all this knitwear, my bag is practically filled. If only I had those space bags where you can compress your clothing by sucking all the air out. I'd have so much more space >< le sigh.

I think I need to look at my finances a little more because I need to start thinking about what my daily spend for the remaining time I have here. Hope I haven't shopped too much >.<


 The girls were still in bed when I finally got out of bed to shower. We headed to Hongdae (home to Hongik University) by 1pm and decided to have lunch at a Japanese restaurant called 누들&돈부리 (noodle & donburi), where they apparently filmed a scene from a kdrama (Oh! My lady). The prices were amazingly cheap and the portions generous and decent! I ordered the tonkatsu for only 6,500won! It was so delish! The caramelised onion was so sweet and I could barely finish my pork cutlet~ If you're in for a good and affordable meal, definitely head over to Hongdae because they cater to student budgets :D

After lunch, we walked around for a while and found a Hello Kitty cafe! It was so cute but we ended up not ordering anything. Maybe next time I'll go and try the cake which is 10,000 won or the waffle which is 3,000 won ^^

Yunji soon arrived so the four of us girls trotted along to a noraebang famous for being a film location for My Name is Kim Sam Soon. The place is called Prince Edward / Edward Su / Su Noraebang. I highly recommend you visit this noraebang because before 6pm, it's only 10,000won room hire for an hour! There's also free ice cream!!! The room interior is quite cute and girly with frilled, floral cushions and roses underneath the glass of the table. There's even a mini stage with its own lyrics screen so you can be a total diva xD Prices after 6pm double to 20,000won per hour. They also charge for only half hour sessions if you'd like.

After noraebang, we went to a cafe to use the bathroom. We were going to order as well but there was a 1 drink per customer rule and all drinks were a flat rate of 8,000 won. What a rip!!! As embarassing as it was, I insisted we leave. I don't care if the waitresses talked badly about us as we left, I'm not paying 8,000won for your stupid drinks!

We walked around a while after leaving the cafe (sorry, didn't even take notice of the name of the place. It was upstairs with white sofas, so steer clear of them lol). Yunji had to go home so Anne, Sarah and I went to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for something to drink and cake. We were pretty tired and full so we decided to head back home and let Anne pick up her things before heading back to her place. It was sooo tiring, but we made it back.

We walked Anne to the station and set off to Lotteria so that Sarah could have something to eat. After dinner, we went shopping (go figure!).

I had already bought some cool vintage looking hard cover note books as well as a gorgeous red lipstick from Espoir while in Hongdae, but I still proceeded to buy pants, sleeping pants, wash off masks / sleeping mask from The Face Shop and some kick ass studded shoes from TAS. the shoes were such a great find! All up, the shoes were only 86,000won ^___^

Super cute face masks / sleeping mask from The Face Shop

TAS is a great place to go shopping for nice shoes and handbags. They aren't super cheap but that's because the quality is amazing and so is the store concept. Make sure you have a browse of you ever drop my Myeongdong :)

Day 10 A Day with Anne

I got up pretty early because I couldn't sleep. So I decided to watch some TV. Lucky for me, Hancock was on! After it ended, I decided to change the channel and woohoo! Inception was on hahaha

For once, Sarah and I went down to the lobby restaurant for breakfast buffet (just shy of 10am). It was 9,900 won per person and to be honest, the food and selection wasn't that great. Not many people go to eat there anyway so I didn't expect much I guess. I did load up on fruits though because fruit happens to be expensive here (just like it is in Japan). I really miss fruit because it's become my healthier snack option back home.

After coming back up and napping a bit, we got ready to go out to meet Anne. She was still on the train when we reached Myeongdong, so we had some pastries and coffee at Paris Baguette while we waited. When Anne arrived, we did a bit of shopping for my friend before heading back to our apartment to drop things off, pick things up and photowhore lol

We headed back to Myeongdong and took purikura (a different place to the one we visited with Yunji) for only 7,000 won (it's about double that price in Melbourne), then we went to 노래방 (karaoke) where it was only 16,000 won per room per hour!

For dinner, we had pasta at Pane Pasta ~ so far my favourite pasta place! The food portions are soo perfect, the taste is exceptional and the price is gob-smacking! I only paid 12,500won for mine <3 cute waiters too.

Free service, pumpkin soup with assorted bread <3 SO YUMMY!

Ann's chicken and tomato pasta

My salmon and cream pasta with tempura prawn

Sarah's steak with carbonara (our fave!)

We asked Anne to stay the night, so we went shopping for a new outfit and PJs etc for her :3

I happened to see a hot studded jacket across the street from the store we were in while looking for sweaters..... It was love at first sight.

I'm not the most edgy fashionista type but I LOVE eccentric fashion and I really want to change my style from sweet girly, to mature edgy sexy. The jacket was 50% off... Something that happened to attract me even more. I never like to splurge a lot in one single item but.... Even after looking, touching, walking away... I couldn't get it out of my head. So I went back. I tried it on and decided to get it!

There are actually 2 studs missing which I didn't mind because I can look up studs online to replace them but the store clerk said they'd give me a new one.... Which she sadly told me didn't exist because this was the last one. So she seeked help from her coworker to track another one down. No luck. So she looked at me with a sad face and said a million sorry's and they offered me 60% discount instead! *whips out card* lol!

So how much was it, you ask? Originally 398,000won and discounted down to 159,000won. I'd say that's a pretty good bargain!!

Usually after a huge splurge is sit thinking and start to fill with regret but I'm actually still excited and happy I bought it ^^ can't wait to wear it out! Not here though... A bit chilly hahaha!

Free pretzels we scored for visiting the new FUBU store in Myeongdong

Girls night in: noms and diiiinksss haha

The night ended with some Dominos pizza, Smirnoff, 맥주 (beer) and 소주 (soju). We didn't drink a lot because we were already pretty wiped out. Watched Kill Bill on tv and then a bit if Avatar before turning it for the night. So tired....