28 March 2012

Day 5 Valentine's Day

I got up really early this morning because I couldn't escape my coughing fits. Decided to watch random tv shows and sip on hot green tea until Sarah woke up.

We were both feeling pretty sick so we decided to be lazy. Sarah eventually broke the cycle and took a walk to Lotteria for breakfast while I surfed the net and she brought me back a hot chocolate from Paris Baguette ^^ 고마워~

We later decided to go out to Euljiro-il-ga station to check out Lotte Department store. Lots of designer and expensive brands there. Totally out of my budget. We did check out the J.Estina bags though :) (the ones SNSD endorse)

We were getting pretty bored so we decided to head to Ewha Women's University to look at the street stores. I found a few good bargains but most of the stores ended up being quite monotonous after a while -.- We also got to eat at Se7en's chicken restaurant!!! It wasn't too bad but there isn't much to choose from on the menu and they're only dishes to be shared. The restaurant itself was small and cosy, with an additional private dining area with a glass window/door. There were also lots of photos of YG artists who had come to Se7en's restaurant in support :)

After heading home, we ordered in some jjajangmyun and drank some soju mixed with milkis xD

Not a very romantic Valentine's Day but it didn't even feel like a romantic atmosphere while we were out. Maybe it's not such a big occasion like it is back home.

How was your Valentine's Day?

27 March 2012

Day 3 & 4

The shopping begins!

We decided that Sunday was going be our recovery and rest day after all our airport travel. Turns out, we aren't so good at resting.

We took a short walk to Myeongdong and began our beauty shopping adventures !! Actually, I didn't buy anything at first but Sarah snagged some great bargains (including 39,000 won vans which were further reduced). It was very empty in Myeongdong on a Sunday and we even had trouble finding somewhere to eat for brunch. We decidedly settled for Pizza Mall though :) So inexpensive and tasty!

We eventually headed back home for a snack and a nap before heading out at night to Myeongdong again! This time I ended up spending quite a lot on beauty products lol but I also happened to get many free gifts :D

Sarah & Khun

Can't remember what time we got home but we wanted to order in jjajangmyun >< the reception staff said they'd order for us but then the Chinese restaurant was closed already :( so we ended up just chilling and watching movies all night~

Some of the beauty gets from Sunday:

♪( ´▽`) DAY 4
Didn't head out til about lunch time today. We decided to look around Myeongdong again before meeting up with Anne!!

Outfits for the day

Brunch @ Paris Baguette

Standing outside UNIQLO in Myeongdong

Caffe Bene
Sarah & Hara in Nature Republic, Myeongdong

Around 2pm we met Anne at Myeongdong station and went for lunch at Outback Steakhouse. The food was decent and the decor was all Australian outback themed haha. It was like dining with a little piece of home :3 lol ok I kid. I live in the suburbs so there certainly aren't boomerangs etc lying around haha

After lunch we caught the train from Chunmuro station to Gyeongbokgung! It was only 3,000won entry fee and we spent a good couple hours walking around the palace. It was sooo huge! We didn't get to walk around everywhere unfortunately as it was getting late. It was fun though ;)

More photos taken by Sarah:

After leaving the palace, we decided to travel to Shinheung for shopping. The underground shopping plaza is huge! We didn't even make it to the end! So many clothes and shoes stores but most of them with very similar styles. The prices were decent but not as cheap as I imagined. We found a Lioele store but it seemed expensive. I wanted to buy the Triple the Solution bb cream but it was 35,000won >.> so I settled for the Beyond the Solution bb cream, which was only 13,000 won (on sale).

Couldn't find any clothes I really liked so we ended up saying goodbye to Anne before heading back home.

Lol we tried ordering jjajangmyun again around 9pm but the place was closed again!!! Grr~ no fair! Luckily we picked up some food from the bakery on our way back~

Right now it's closing in on midnight (2am in Melbourne time) so I had Better get some rest.

Thank you Anne for coming to meet us and spending the day with us :)

Day 1&2

Hey everyone,

I'm writing this in the comfort of my soft and gorgeous new bed in Seoul. It's been a tiring 28 hours but I made it!!!

I set off for the airport really early on Friday night. I got there before Sarah, so while I was bored and foreveralone, I played with my iPhone and texted her like crazy. Luckily Julie arrived a short time after and I spent a few min with her and her mum and little brother before they had to line up for check in. Sad we didn't take a photo tho :(

Sarah arrived later with her entourage lol (aka bf, bro and sis-in-law). Our check in wasn't until about 10.25pm so we had almost 2 hrs to kill. So they ate HJs and we walked around a bit.

After waiting in line for check in for about 45min (omg they only had 2 slow women checking in baggage for people who already did web-check in. The line was huuuuge!!) we finally checked in our luggage, Sarah said her goodbyes and we headed through the international departures gate.

*Cue in mass waiting time before boarding*

The great thing is, Melbourne airport has really improved its international terminal! It's really living up robots name as the fashion capital - we even have a Victoria's Secret now :3

*9 hours later*

We arrived in KL airport. Seems airasia has their own terminal because I didn't see any other carriers. The shopping was terrible.... Uh just a few duty free and food places. Mostly outdoors where it was damn hot lol. Ok I kid, wasn't that bad surprisingly.

(PS. The plane food was so bad!!! It was BBQ chicken but everything was mad salty DX !)

*7 hours later*

Finally on the plane ride to SEOUL!!!! Well to Incheon actually lol. Food was better this time - chicken bulgogi. But I didn't eat it cuz it was more like this super crazy spicy chicken curry and it made me have a coughing fit :(

Oh yeah... I'm still sick.

*8 hours later*
Welcome to Incheon Airport :3

After about an hour taking the train to the passenger terminal, going through immigration (TOO MANY PEOPLE OMGAAAH), waiting forever for our luggage and going through customs (more like, handing the card to the officers and running off lol) ... We made it through the international arrival gates!! Our driver ajusshi was waiting for us with a sign xD FELT SO SPECIAL!!

It was a 1 hour ride to Seoul from Incheon. No seat belts (cuz we gangster), driving on the opposite side of the road and two tolls later, we arrived at Han Suites.

The hotel staff was really nice and pretty and WE GOT FREE UPGRADE TO A TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT!!!!

Life is grand. All I gotta do is get better and have the time of my life.

Tata for now xx

03 March 2012

There's no place like home..

I'm finally back from my 3 week trip to Seoul! It's been a fun, tiring, exhilirating, shopping crazy, culture-shock fuelled experience!! At the end of the day, I'm happy to be home with my family, my pets and my own tiny, soft single bed lol. I definitely want to visit again; the beauty stores there are absolutely LOVE and there were many highlights of my trip which I would love to revisit in future. Also a few things I would love to experience next time around, like Everland and exploring a few more neighbourhoods.

During my trip, I wrote about my experiences on a daily basis. I've included a few travel tips in there, so if you're interested in visiting Seoul, please stay tuned ^_^ I'll be publishing them as soon as I get the photos from travel buddy (aka Seoul roomie), Sarah! I borrowed her digicam while we were there, so I need to get a copy of all the photos I took :P

In the meantime, hope everyone has been happy & safe during these past few weeks. University started last week, so i have loads to catch up on, including going back to work, catching up with friends and organising all the things I brought back with me haha.

Take care all; I'll be writing again soon xoxo