09 February 2012

Seoul Adventures to come~


Just writing a quick blog to say goodbye before I leave for my Seoul trip! I'll be heading to the airport tomorrow night~ I'm going to be so exhausted by the time Sarah & I arrive in Seoul! We have two flights and long transit times >0<;; I'm actually sick right now too! Hopefully it won't dampen my spirits too much and I really want to recover within the first few days I'm there >.< Wish me luck!! 

I'd also like to extend my warmest wishes to everyone for Valentine's Day!! I'm so glad I'll be with one of my besties on this day, so I won't feel so alone. I never really celebrate V-Day because I've never had a boyfriend T^T Oh well, maybe I will meet a cute guy overseas who will buy me a rose hahaha! ^_-

Take care everyone!
Stay safe, stay happy~