26 January 2012

My life according to instagram

My life has been fairly busy lately. I haven't been very diligent in writing recounts of my daily adventures, but I have been taking photos here and there and uploading them onto instagram :D I've had instagram for the longest time ever; about over a year! But I only ever had the ONE photo on there and never really bothered to touch it since. However, everyone has been busy uploading onto instagram in recent months, so I decided to jump back on the bandwagon! My photos aren't as artistic or interesting as some other fantastical instagram users, but they do reflect small fragments of my everyday life :) So if you have an instagram, FOLLOW ME! :D



Review Blog:

StrawberryNET haul

Hi dear readers!*

I've been busying myself with work and friends lately, as well as occupying my remaining free time with reading! Life is grand and I can honestly say I've been feeling really happy with life in general. I've definitely had a few bad days and discouraging moments, however, I'm trying to only focus on the GOOD in my days rather than the bad.

I recently made my first purchase from StrawberryNET last Wednesday (18th)! I've been stalking the website for quite some time but never really felt the honest urge to buy anything from them. That was until I began having serious thoughts about replenishing my skin care collection before my trip next month. I had read a post about Clarins Daily Energizer Cream Gel on Style Suzi's blog and always had the product in the back of my mind. To me, the prospect of buying a Clarins product seemed a little distant. I've been spending a bit since I got my new job, but I was always wary of how much I spent on a single item. I did a little research, really loved the praise this product was getting, and eventually took the dive by purchasing it from StrawberryNET!

The Clarins Daily Energizer Cream Gel RRPs for about $38 AUD at MYER for a 30ml jar. I got the same product for $27.50 AUD from StrawberryNET :D Bargain? I'd say so!

Along with my new cream-gel moisturiser, I also managed to purchase Laura Mercier Undercover concealer duo for Fair to Light skin tones. Its RRP is $21.50 AUD, but I got it for $11 AUD! I used it today and found the 'secret concealer' (darker tone) to be really nice, creamy and smooth, whereas the 'secret camouflage' (lighter tone) was a little more thick, dry and harder to swatch. Not too sure if the consistency is meant to be like that, but I'll take a visit to a Laura Mercier counter to investigate before I decide to write up a review.

All in all, GREAT SAVINGS and my order arrived within 5 working days after placing my order :) Shipping is also free worldwide! My box was wrapped with a cute thin lilac ribbon, my ordered items beautifully gift wrapped and my freebies (I chose the L'Oreal Skin Genesis Eye & Stila Petal Infusions Calming Eye Cream) were a generous size! There are also Calvin Klein lipglosses available as a free gift (in many different shades). I was tempted to select one of them but I have far too many lipglosses as it is and thought I needed to try some eye creams haha :P

I think I'll most definitely purchase from StrawberryNET again! Check out system is easy to use, they reward their customers with free gifts (for new customers and also when you spend over a certain amount) and there are additional discounts for returning customers!

Thank you for a positive shopping experience StrawberryNET! I cannot wait to shop with you again!

17 January 2012

[VOTE4ME] Memorable Day's: Camwhore Contest

In support of Memorable Day's Camwhore Contest I've entered the above photo into the competition! It's just a bit of harmless fun, but I would love to gain your support and receive your vote. Simply visit the facebook link below and 'LIKE' my photo ^0^ ! Voting closes 24th February.

If you'd like to join in on the contest as well, visit Memorable Day's!

15 January 2012


Webcam dorkism. Spent the day with Cat (カサ子 lol) last Thursday (12th). We chatted for a while, then we went to Chadstone for lunch at Capital Kitchen, followed by a little light shopping (well mostly just me picking up things I'd ordered). We later chillded back at my place and took a nice long naaaap~ followed by macarons with tea :) Despite how peppy and fresh I seem in the webcam photos, can you believe nearly 3-4 hours after they were taken, I was writhing in pain with symptoms of gastro?! I'm still recovering from it right now :( I feel so weak and undernourished.. not to mention the stomach pains. It's not fun being sick, but it's worse when it affects your appetite. I'm not sure whether it's because I've been sick the past 3 days or if it was a lifestyle change, but I've already dropped 2 kg :( Usually I'd be happy, but not when I'm feeling so weak =o=;;

Anyway, please wish me a speedy recovery! I've taken two days off work because of this and I don't want to have to call in sick tomorrow as well :(

Okay lovelies, enough blogging for today~ I still haven't gotten my phone line and internet set up. Currently leeching off my mobile internet! Gonna try and eat something now and take my meds. Good day to all <3

Onward bound, 2012~

1st January 2012
Started off the new year with drinks and movies (like I mentioned in an earlier post) with Jess & Ciara. I ended up working until 5.30pm and Ciara came to pick me up around 7.30pm to head to Chelsea beach for some Summer fun :) We didn't stay for long, but we got to watch the sun set ~ which was so beautiful. It was perfect weather too ^0^

 3rd January 2012
 After work, I met up with Saera and Yuka for a catch up and early dinner before they went fishing ~ it was really nice to see Yuka! I've only met her once previously, but I've always heard such cute things about her through Saera hahah. She's always such a sweet and delightful friend to meet and I hope I get to know her more in the future. Perhaps I will become more confident in my Japanese so that I can communicate with her more DX hahah aiyah I'm totally lacking! Anyway, we ended up going to Ajisen Ramen for dinner~ it was super yummy <3

 7th - 8th January 2012
The Big Move. This weekend marked the big move for my family to our new home. It was only a 5 street move LOL but it was still a hell of a lot of hard work. I have many people to thank for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come and help my family and I during this stressful time. Thank you for your patience, hard work and loyal friendship. It means more than you know ~ 

Thank you: Cat, Peter, Juan, Alice, Tri, Mike

Meanwhile, ever since we've moved to the new place, my pets have taken it upon themselves to claim my bed as their territory. Err.. I wake up sometimes in a cat-dog sandwich -____-" LOL I can barely even move! They're total bed hogs!

I've also been busying myself with  reading my collection of new novels my mum ordered for me for Christmas. I've only made it through Clockwork Prince so far, but I totally loved it! The romance and intimacy was totally killing me hahah omg I simply cannot wait until November this year for the next Cassandra Clare book to be released! Right now I've been following her Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series, and I love both!! Apparently City of Bones is currently being adapted into a film.. not sure how I feel about that but hopefully they stay true to the story! Aside from fantasy land in novelworld lol, I recently purchased an XBOX 360 for only $148AUD XD I also got myself a copy of Gears of War 3 for $58.88 :D Finally, my own copy! I've only played once (only yesterday) though because I'm waiting to get my XBL account data from my brother haha

10th January 2012
Finally got the chance to catch up with one of my old high school buddies, Dennison, over some lunch at.. you guessed it.. Ajisen Ramen! I should really stop going there haha. We haven't hung out or really spoken in such a long time and it's actually laughable to see how much has changed over the last year or so. Oh btw, I highly recommend that when you get specials at Ajisen Ramen, don't go for the Sumo Combo. The entrees are WAY better value and it's cheaper.. so stick to the Samurai Combo :D

Anywho, I think that's all from me :)

J.A.C.K. plus two

 30th December 2011
Before we said our goodbyes to 2011, the JACK girls (plus the boyfriends) took a leisurely lunch at ZEST89 on a warm Friday arvo. I had just finished my shift at Cotton On and so I was already dressed and ready to go out haha. So while I waited for the gang to arrive, I headed over to ZEST89 early to hold a table :)

It was a really nice catch up session and we ate merrilytil our bellies were filled XD I decided to go for the Chicken Caesar Salad (I don't know why I don't have a photo..), which is one of my usual faves. It was my first time eating it there though. It quite yummy but my salad was wilting very quickly under the hot chicken and the leaves had that slight bitterness to them, which I'm not too fond of. Other than that, the egg was beautifully poached and there were plenty of yummy bacon bits.

Julie and Cat showered us with our Xmas gifts too >.< Omg I feel so apologetic towards all you girls because I didn't get you anything this year. But it was my intention to bundle your belated birthday gifts with Xmas when I buy you back some things from Seoul haha!

Julie painted us some really REALLY adorable letter frames (I'm not too sure what to call them actually). They represent out little girly clique haha I know, how high school of us, but don't scorn those who are holding onto their youth, ok? :P Cat also got us amazing designer sunglasses from Sunglass Hut! Thank you Cat! You've no idea how much we appreciate your kindness.. seriously, you spoil us! Save more money for yourself, girly!!

We later went for a stroll while we waited for Alice's hair appointment at AQUA (Cat and my hairdresser in Glen Waverley). We saw that HILARIOUS sign outside Body Bronze (I think that's the name).

"Have you waxxxed you candy cane?"

After Alice's haircut, we went to Chaddy for some light shopping haha taking full advantage of my discounts ! Then we finished the evening with Lindt Cafe (I got the Iced Mocha, which tasted more like Iced Chocolate to me), followed by chilling at Julie's for a good few hours LOL Thanks for letting us bombard you man!

We decided to raid Julie's closet and try on her beautiful colourful blazers and I tried on her pretty yellow pumps! ARGH GORGEOUS! What do you think of the outfit ensemble I put together? I'm in love with the blue blazer and the yellow pumps! Julie, you better watch out.. I might come steal those hahaha XD

It was a great day, spent with great friends.
When did I become so lucky?

06 January 2012

HNY ! 2012, let's GO!


I know.. I'm about a week late LOL. But I've been working, ok? XD I hope that everyone had a wonderful NYE celebration and counted down with someone special by their side!

I spent my NYE working and then spent some girl time with Catherine (painting our nails and talking crap), followed by a BBQ at my Aunt's with relatives. I was later joined by my high school bestie, JESS! We retired back to my house after filling our bellies at my aunt's. IT WAS SO DARN HOT hahah but it tends to get really hot around NYE in Melbourne.. not so surprising I suppose. After a very underwhelming countdown to 2012, Jess and I toasted with some alcohol and were later joined by Ciara for a drunkfest, Sex & the City movie watching extravaganza........... where I kept falling in and out of sleep LOL. We all settled down for some rest around 4am though.. and then I had work in the afternoon. YES PEOPLE.. I WORKED ON NEW YEAR'S DAY hahahah. Expecting some nice money XD

Anyway, I will be moving this weekend~ I don't know when I will get internet access at the new place yet. But I think it's safe to say that I will be depending on my iPhone for my internet and social networking fix! I have many plans for a blog layout revamp, so please expect that after I am completely settled in my new home ^0^

In the meantime, please check out my latest review on Dolly Wink Otona lashes: http://hime-tsubame.blogspot.com/2012/01/dolly-wink-otona-lash-series.html!

Ciao hunnies!

Dolly Wink: Otona lash series

Hey everyone! Long time no... review

 I'm so sorry for my lack of diligence T___T I guess I could just never bring myself to write about anything. I have been updating my personal blog a lot more often though -- so if you want to read my useless nonsense, please visit: http://xxshinrai.blogspot.com

Life's been very busy lately; I've started two new jobs since November/December last year, catching up with a lot of old friends, celebrating the new year (HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE!) and finally.. I'M MOVING HOUSE! The place is complete chaos and I don't know when I will have access to internet at my new residence, hence the urge to bust out this review!!

Anyway, please expect a blog makeover and many more reviews for 2012!

Dolly Wink is a brand presented by KOJI and produced by Japanese gyaru model, Masuwaka Tsubasa ( 益若 つばさ). The brand originally housed a series of 8 varieties of false eyelashes as well as eyeliners, eyelash fix and eyelash case. Due to the huge success of these products in both the Japanese and international market, the brand soon expanded into the direction of eyeshadow palettes, cream eyeshadow and mascaras.

Now, Tsu-chan has graced her adoring fans with a whole new line of false eyelashes, with the addition of eyebrow pencils, eyebrow mascaras, eyebrow powder palletes, new eyelash fix and eyelash case! Her new line of products have the concept of a more "大人(オトナ)" feel, while still maintaining the "かわいい" feel~

Today, I will be reviewing two of the new lower false eyelashes; 13 ベイビーガールー (Baby Girl) & 14 ナチュラルキュート (Natural Cute)!

13 ベイビーガールー Baby Girl

This new addition to the Dolly Wink lower lash collection stays true to the older series of bottom lashes which were very natural and wearable. The lashes have a gradient length, extending further as you move from the inner to the outer portion of the lash band. Volume is concentrated towards the middle of the lash band, giving more definition to the iris when worn. The style also utilises a wispy lashed look, giving a cute, natural feel.

Image taken from back of packaging

When worn with natural upper lashes

Special care needs to be taken with the lashes due to the arrangement of the individual hairs. I accidentally got a little bit of the eyelash fix on the section second from the outer portion of the lash band. When I tried to take it off, I stuck the fine hairs together -- which is why it appears as a thin, sharp hair.

When worn with more dramatic upper lashes

Depending on where you apply the glue and apply the lashes under your lash line, your bottom lashes will either appear as shown in the first image (with natural lashes; Diamond Lash Fairy Eye), or as shown in the second image (with more dramatic upper lashes; Dolly Wink 1. Dolly Sweet), where they stick up a bit.

I personally like the lower lashes with both natural and more dramatic lashes (although I haven't tried them with with super voluminous upper lashes yet). However, if you're going for that "Otona" look, stick to the natural upper lashes (just as Tsu-chan styles them). 

I really like these lower lashes~ it's a nice step away from my more dramatic Diamond Lash ones :) I haven't previously tried the first series of DW lower lashes, but I think I'd want to now !! I really love how natural they are.. but still a bit dressy~ The only thing is, I don't think these lashes suit me the best. Which is why I'm not giving them full 5/5.
Rating: 4.5/5

14 ナチュラルキュート Natural Cute

These lashes mirror some of the earlier Dolly Wink lower lashes, however, there is the addition of a more voluminous design on the outer lash band. The lashes are reminiscent of Diamond Lash's ラブリー eye (Lovely eye), ecept that they aren't as curled and the shape and intervals are quite different.

Image taken from back of packaging

Worn with Diamond Lash Fairy Eye

Worn with Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet lash

I am really fond of these bottom lashes!! They're so natural and I love the accent towards the outer portion of the lash band :D I think they look better on my eyes than the 13 Baby Girl ones. I was a fan of the Diamon Lash Lovely Eye bottom lash, but these ones are a lot nicer because the quality is better and I think I prefer the lashes to be more straight, rather than curled. They go well with both the Diamond Lash and Dolly Wink upper lashes, so I would be happy to wear them with either.

Rating: 5/5

Blogger's note: Hope you enjoyed these reviewed items and hope I provided enough detail~ Would like to apologise for my horrible skin and freckly face. They're not very attractive -_- hahah !