25 December 2011

OOTD & MOTD: Summer loving & Dolly Wink Otona line

Hi lovelies! Merry Christmas!!

This is my first ever OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and MOTD (Makeup Of The Day) post :D ! I recently bought some pretty, vibrant yellow shorts and heartofpearl requested an OOTD~ so here I am, photowhoring in my messy room hahaha. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to do MOTD because I recently received my DollyWink 13 Baby Girl and 14 Natural Cute bottom lashes <3

Day was already getting gloomy when I took these photos; so I used artifical lighting. Sorry for the lack of pretty background or artsy farty scenery. I'm in the middle of packing house! About 2 more weeks until I move to my new home ^0^ I'm a little excited because I want to decoratemy new rooms. Yes, I said ROOMS lol. Hopefully using one of the spare rooms as my own study / creative room :D Should be fun!


Very simple and casual look for summer. Trying to play around with more accent colours because I find most of my wardrobe to be fairly monotonous.

Long black & grey tank from Cotton On, Yellow shorts from Bariano (Chadstone), Headband from Sportsgirl, Deer necklace & Gold Bird ring from Lovisa, Gold & Black ring from Equip.


 Another outfit ~ I was actually wearing this while I was taking photos for my DollyWink bottom lash reviews ^0^ I really love this style. It makes me feel youthful & cute! Very hippie kawaii in my opinion. Quite like Liz Lisa.

Dress from YESSTYLE, Bow hair accessory from 3 Coins in Japan.


 Total NG photo >0<;; Had to blot out my boobness LOL

Wearing Diamond Lash Fairy Eye (top), Dolly Wink 14 Natural Cute (bottom), Clinique eyeshadow, Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream, Melliesh lip gloss in Nudy Beige, KATE automatic eyebrow pencil in BR-2, KATE eyebrow powder in EX-4, Bambi series circle lens in Apple Green.

Blogger's note: you probably can't tell, but I'm actually wearing Dolly Wink 1 Dolly Sweet lash (top) on my right eye (which is constantly covered up). Lol this might seem odd to you, but it was for review purposes to compare the  new bottom lash otona line with different top lashes :D

Hope that I didn't forget to list anything ^__^ Hope you enjoyed!
Reviews here!! xox

23 December 2011

ゲット!Adam Beauty haul

My first haul from Adam Beauty!
Shipping is amazingly reasonable! Only paid $12 EMS shipping. I think it's just the one flat fee shipping too :D I will definitely order from them again in future. I ordered these items on the 18th, they were dispatched from Hong Kong on the 19th and they arrived this evening on the 22nd ! YAAAY~!

Everything was packaged neatly and securely in a box and further encased in a mailing bag. Although my box looked a bit dented, my items were in perfect condition. They even slipped in some freebie samples~ The only criticism I have is that they didn't supply an invoice with the package. Not that it's imperative that I receive one in hard copy, but this is just based on past experiences when ordering from other online stores.

Beloved new Dolly Wink lower lashes in 14 Natural Cute and 13 Baby Girl. I cannot wait to do a 'Makeup Of The Day' type with these new falsies. Expect a review in the weeks to come! Finally, I can get back to my review writing haha

 Gorgeous KATE products. I have been holding out on buying new eyebrow pencils for months while I was unemployed !!! Now I've replenished my stash~ 2 new eyebrow pencils (trying one new shade this time around) and also the gel eyebrow (and brush)!! I'm really eager to try the gel eyebrow :D REVIEWS TO COME!! Also picked up a gel eyeshadow in BR-1, since I've never tried it before.

 Closer look at the gel eyeshadow :)

 Detclear Bright & Peel~ total MUST HAVE. It's my favourite product at the moment for skin exfoliation :D My mum has jumped onto the Detclear bandwagon and has been using my peeling jelly too. Didn't realise it at the time, but I actually ordered the peeling FOAM. So this will be exciting to try !!

Samples :)

Okay, that's it for my haul ^__^ I'm so sleepy now! It's almost 2AM and my tum is rumbling like mad. I actually worked both my jobs today until midnight so I'm quite exhausted. Goodnight sweet fruit jubes xoxo

22 December 2011

Gumtree.com.au: Selling my second-hand goodies

Ohai~ ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪
I'll be putting up ads throughout this week on gumtree.com.au to sell a whole bunch of my stuff! I'll be moving house in a few weeks, so rather than lug all this along with me to the new place, I'm going to sell sell sell!! All the prices are negotiable and open to international buyers too~ just keep in mind that postage may be more pricey :(

I'm actually limited to the amount of listings I can submit per day, so I only have a few up today. Hopefully they'll let me add a few more over the next couple of days :D I will be updating this blog post frequently with new links to the items as I list them!

All prices are in AUD.

<Added: 19 December 2011>
Leopard print clutch with jewelled detail

<Added: 20 December 2011>
GUESS handbag - white & beige
GUESS handbag - pink w/ poodle keychain
Beanie Kids - Scruffy & Shaggy

<Added: 22 December 2011>
**Beanie Kids Edition**
Cuddly Kid: Snoozy the Sleepytime Bear
Cuddly Kid: Charm the Silver Heart Bear sold

Goldilocks the Bear sold

Bubbles the Bear & Dreamer the Moonlight Bear
Jackpot the Money Bear
Loveheart the Bear & Alpha Beanie

**Anime UFO Plush**
Di Gi Charat: Pyocola ver 2
Ah! My Goddess Belldandy
Azumanga Daioh Kagura uniform version
Love Hina Shinobu (nurse)

South Park Ike UFO plush *rare*

I'm very open to all offers which are reasonable :)

19 December 2011

Family Christmas Dinner

 Merry (early) Christmas everyone !!
o (◡‿◡✿) 
My brother and his wife will be overseas for Christmas, so we decided to have our Christmas dinner a week early this year :D I really wish my whole family could be together on Christmas. It has been a really long time since we were all together. If I recall correctly, the last time was my brother's wedding - 4 years ago!!! >.<;;

Well anyway.. we had a really yummy feast! Yummy leg of ham, roast crackling pork, chicken wings, salad and THE BEST MASHED POTATO EVER WITH BACON YUMMMMMMMMMM~

Hahaha I love Christmas time ~ the food is absolutely superb and so hearty~ plus it's a great time to spend with family or loved ones :D

What's everyone doing for Christmas?! xoxo

18 December 2011

Work hard, play harder.

여러분~ 잘 지냈어?
I hope everyone's been well and anticipating Christmas next weekend!

I've begun my first week at one of my new jobs :D I cannot express just how happy I am there!! I think it's just a relief to be able to spend more time with your customers; rather than just having transactional interactions (which was what it was like at the bakery and music store). There's still so much to learn, so much I don't know; every shift is a challenge and every shift, I set myself a personal goal.
I'm so proud of the way I've handled myself during this entire week. I've picked up so much and grown so much as an individual, and as a professional, in just 5 days! I really didn't see myself out on the floor, interacting with customers and signing people up with new contracts or upgrades on only the 3rd day! I've always been a very shy type and struggled when I was out of my comfort zone -- particularly in this case where I'm not confident with product/service knowledge and I'm scared of what questions I may be asked. But once I pushed myself, things became a bit easier. I stopped feeling self-conscious all the time and started to focus on just the customer; what is it they're looking for and how can I assist them?

I'm super grateful that all my co-workers (I still have to remember all their names.. we have close to 50 staff apparently!) are so supportive and willing to help if I ever have any questions. They've all been so lovely and are always giving me (and the other new staff) helpful hints! It's always very encouraging to have your managers and coworkers cheering you on and praising you for your efforts ^___^

Hahah I'm sorry if I bored anyone reading this. I didn't anticipate how much I would write about my job experiences; but this week has been a ball and I've been so happy (even despite getting sick)! The photo of the chandeliers above was taken at SILK ROAD on Collin St; the venue of our Christmas party!! It's a really nice place and it was my first time there. It was a good chance to see the boys from training (mini reunion haha) and also hang out with all my coworkers from my store on a more social level :D It was the biggest bummer that I had  work at 9AM the next morning though.. so I had to get home around midnight. Oh well, it was still a crazy, messy, fun night!

My manager told me: "Work hard, but play harder."
Sounds good to me ^_-

Keith & his coffee penis cake LOL

Last night, I attended Keith's fabulous 23rd birthday @ Speakeasy Kitchen Bar on Chapel Street. Julie and I decided to take a cab together since I was working til 7 that day and she lives really close by. Unfortunately, I ended up working overtime D: After I finally finished, we mad rushed to buy a few last minute things (like accessories etc. for my outfit) and power walked back to her house to get ready HAHAHA. It was really hot yesterday too!! I was sweating like a pig in my black work attire hahaha. We took a while to get ready and arrived  at the venue much later than we had planned.. but the important thing is.. WE GOT THERE!

I didn't take any photos with the birthday boy (which is lameeee) on my iPhone, but Cat should have some stored on her camera haha (totes stealing those after she uploads em!). I'll leave you with some shots from the night :D <3

 credits to Keith for uploading this~ edited with Mei Tu Xiu Xiu on iPhone 4



Take it easy everyone and have a  great week~

10 December 2011

Cat's 23rd birthday & Japan Culture & Art Festival




Sunday, 27 November, 2011.
A couple of weekends ago, I attended the Japan Culture & Art Festival in Collingwood for CAT'S 23RD BIRTHDAY~~ It was a really warm day (surprisingly) and there were many stalls both inside and outside the Collingwood Town Hall. Cat & I got into the theme of things and wore our yukatas out ^0^ First time ever for me~~ but it was so fun haha Although.. people kept staring at us on the streets wondering why we were dressed like that! XD I think I'd like to go again next year~ we arrived around lunch time and then had to rush off to karaoke afterwards so we didn't get to see everything properly :(
Karaoke was quite fun~ we went to KBOX during happy hour :) Kinda wish they'd update their korean music collection though~ it's a bit outdated! Really wanted to sing KARA's Step and a whole lot of other Big Bang and BEAST songs DX

All in all, it was a really fun day or a very special girl <3 I hope you had a lot of fun Cat!