26 November 2011

Life according to Kimu #2

Hello lovely readers ( ^∇^)
I'm so very happy to be blogging again. I honestly haven't had the mental capacity to do so lately. But here I am, writing my 3rd blog post for the day and trying -frantically- to catch up with my blogging. As you know, I got back from Sydney last, last Tuesday. Since then, I've been able to hang out with some of my dearest friends for some window shopping and lunch (Cat, Julie & Alice), go on a charity walk with my brother and his wife, and....


Yes folks, I've begun my 3 week full-time training for one of the leading telecommunications companies in Australia. Super excited to embark on this journey and provide the best customer experience possible! For the moment, I'll be in class learning about different  asspects of my role, the business and the products/services we have available. It's actually a little daunting because there's just so much information and I'm in a class from 9am til 5pm hahah long day but I've been managing! Oh and just to clarify, I'm still studying so I'm just a casual at this stage hehehe. Anyway, it's very exciting news and it's been keeping me very busy during the week. I literally get home from the city (wow peak hour trains are so horrible!), get changed, have dinner, take a shower, and KO until 6am the next morning, where it starts all over again hahahah.

I really hope that I'll be able to allocate blogging to my weekends ~ there's just so much I've missed out on blogging about.. which is kind of boring to any of my blog followers because I'm being so silent, but also major sucky for me because blogging is like preserving the memory. You know that feeling you get when you recount everything that's happened and you convert it into some fantastical elaborate piece of prose?! Yeah, I get a kick out of that.. but it's too bad that I lack motivation. I suppose once you start, it really kicks things off though. So my goal these holidays is to motivate myself to write that first word and just let my writing flow ~~~ hehehe

A quick catch up...

28日10月2011年 : Julie's 22nd Birthday Celebration
Predrinks / hot dogs / party time at ALUMBRA
I don't go clubbing very often because I'm not much of a party animal, but it was fun to go clubbing with some of my best girl friends ~ we didn't stay until too late though. We ended up leaving before 2am (I think) and ended up going on  Maccas run haha It's always really fun to hang out in Cat's van after a fun night, and just talk about anything and everything. Highlight of the night : drawing on Julie's face when she fell asleep in the car HAHAHAHAHAH! We got you good! Props to Serinna for her amazing artistic skills! x

24日11月2011年 : Bakers Delight Dinner
Got to catch up with some of the Bakers crew on Thursday night after my training day. We had dinner at Mecca Bah in Docklands. I was super duper tired because I was at Chaddy in-store, then had to come home (30 min), drop of some things, get a few things  ready (20 min) and then walk to the station (30 min) and then catch the train to the city >_< I was so tired and had a headache by the time I met up with everyone. But it was a really fun night. I really miss them all since leaving! They're such a nice bunch <3

Justine and I decided to share some potato cakes and this calamari dish. More like two piddly NOTHING dishes. There were two potato cakes with some sauce (not pictured), and our calamari was such a small serving (for $23!!). Didn't really like the couscous, salad was okay, calamari was slightly undercooked but soft... yet it had charred bits on the outside. Doesn't make for a very appetizing mix, if you ask me. Everyone else's meals seemed fine though. I tried Sally's lamb pizza (which isn't the traditional sort, it looks like the giant pides they also sell there), and it was fantatically delish! I guess Justine and I have poor judgement when it comes to choosing Turkish foods. Personally, I'd rather eat my instant Shin Ramyun than that calamari dish.

25日11月2011年 : Cat's 23rd birthday
Yesterday was Cat's birthday ~ she's hit the big 23 now haha She'll be going clubbing tonight with a few friends but I won't be joining lol. Boo, I know. Julie already gave me the thumbs down LOL. But on the brighter side of things, I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for the secondary celebrations :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHATSII!

That's all for now ~
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! xox

Paws for a Cause

On Sunday 20th November, I participated in a charity event for Bridges Connecting Communities Paws for a Cause Dog Walk in Wantirna South. It was a fairly nice, warm day for a marathon walk and even though there were showers forecasted, we didn't experience them until the evening (when the event was well and truly over by then).

I actually had no idea about this event until my brother asked me if I would be interested in joining them. It was a fun day with my brother, his wife and our dogs. The walk was 3.5km and we had about 8 checkpoints along the way. I was so proud of myself for getting through it all because I've become pretty inactive since high school. Joon was going at it pretty hard.. hahah he's such a fit little poodle. Mochi was kind of struggling though. I felt a bit sorry for her because she has such a thick coat; she must have been roasting in the sun! The day was also a good opportunity to let our dogs meet other dogs and socialise a bit. Joon doesn't get to see or meet many other dogs since he's at home most of the time, but he seemed to be okay. A little barky and whiney to begin with though because we wouldn't let him go and approach the dogs before we registered.

After the marathon, we decided not to stick around. There were a few competitions going on (e.g. best dressed) but we couldn't be bothered entering our dogs. They even had a Santa there so you could get a photo of your dog with Santa HAHAH I thought that was hilarious. The things owners do.. seriously.. I don't even think our dogs care about those kinds of trivial things.

We later went for lunch at Ajisen Ramen after we dropped the dogs off at my brother's house. It was my first time there since they opened one in Glen Waverley. I didn't really think much of the one in the city. To say the least, the food portions were great for the price, the food was super yummy and I was super full by the end of my meal hahah.

Super duper feel like going there again sometime :D If anyone's hungry, let's arrange  a lunch date HAHAHAH Stuff our faces like crazy XD


Two Saturdays ago (12th November, 2011), I attended the highly anticipated SYDNEY KPOP MUSIC FEST at ANZ Stadium. It was absolutely amazing and I still can't believe that I was lucky enough to attend (thanks to my freaking awesome friends who all pitched in to buy me a VIP ticket). It actually felt quite surreal at the time. I remember fangirling but I didn't leave the concert feeling overwhelmed. It was almost as if it didn't happen LOL. It was apparently the same for a few of my friends as well. I guess it was too good to be true and we were in a state of absolute confusion lol. Either way, we all enjoyed the concert :D

The concert was held in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic friendship between Australia and South Korea. Truly a monumental moment. I really hope that the turn out for this concert encourages JK Entertainment to collaborate with MBC again in future to bring us another KPOP concert in future, because a lot of my friends missed out!!

Line Up

It was truly amazing that 12 idol groups were sent down to Australia! We've always felt quite neglected down here but there is a huge fanbase nationwide and it just continues to grow! I was personally excited to see all the artists; particularly SNSD, BEAST & CNBLUE.

SHINee - opening act


SISTAR - loved their backdrop

2AM (not in this photo) beautiful lighting~

Special stage - Halo


SNSD - The Boys

SeoHyun making a heart <3

Special Stage

4Minute (HyunA <3)

CN Blue


More photos: here

I'm fairly happy that I was able to see a lot of the artists within 2-3 metre distance when they came to the very front of the stage ^___^ Unfortunately CN Blue was stuck on the main stage since they're a band :( But Yonghwa still came down to the front for his Special Stage performance with his CNBlue boys, G.O. and Yoseob XD
The performances were quite outstanding. I think a few were not actually live (not gonna name groups but you might be able to tell when you watch) but majority were live performances and they were very impressive :D The stand out for me was probably JunHyung's little endings to his parts ~ he made it so fun and it seemed like he was really enjoying himself too :D Changmin / Max was also NO JOKE. When he has his shouting/screaming moments.. like WOW.. your whole body just tingles! It's his signature 'thing' in almost every TVXQ song hahah so he'd have to own it pretty well XD

It was fun to see the idols speaking to us in English (limited as it may have been for some), but they really tried and I think that's what matters most. Quite a lot of the idols were able to sightsee before the concert and in between rehearsal/press conference schedules, so I was really happy about that. A few of them tweeted about it and it made me super smiley ^___^

Other random things to note about the night:
★I saw some Cassiopeias crying after TVXQ's performance. It was so touching to see. I wish I had been moved to tears too but I was just happy all the time :D☆

★During the special stage for a few members from CN BLUE, MBLAQ and BEAST, Yonghwa came reallyyyy close to me and there's actually a video I took of him and you can clearly hear me screaming "YONGHWA OPPA SARANGHAE!" (or something along those lines, I'm too afraid to watch it again LOL). ☆

★During the closing ceremony, all the idols (except for a few like Jo Kwon, Kikwang etc. who had to leave early) came to say goodbye to us and I saw Jessica (SNSD) and Goo Hara (KARA) with their arms around each other. AW it was soo cute! I had no idea they were close like that!!☆

Pet peeves of the night:
We were in the last row of VIP seating (but we were near the tip of the front stage in section A4 teehee) and the people in front of us were standing up pretty much the WHOLE TIME. Once the row at the front stands up, everyone starts to stand up behind them because they can't see. We ended up running out of our row and going to the very front (which many others did as well) and security constantly asked us to go back to our seats. I was most annoyed when this one older Australian security lady made Sarah and I go back DURING the BEAST performance :( SO SAD FACE! Especially since they ended up coming towards the front stage and by then, we were back at our seats, struggling to see over people. My arms were also really exhausted after that night because I had to stretch my  arms straight up in order to take any photos. Bleh, paid off in the end, even though most of my photos were crummy (I totally need a new camera soon haha)

Please look forward to the MBC broadcast of this concert on the 3rd of December 2011!
I will definitely be tuning in to relive every moment!!!

For more official photos from JK entertainment: go here

Okay tata for now ^___^ ~

18 November 2011

A week in Sydney...

火曜日にメルボルンに帰ってきた。SYDNEY KPOP MUSIC FESTIVALがすごく楽しかった!
すぐにコンサート について書くつもりです!
楽しみにして下さいね! (⌒▽⌒)☆

Hello~ it's been a while. I just returned to Melbourne on Tuesday. The Sydney  KPOP Music Festival was really fun! I'll be writing about the concert soon, so please look forward to it~

Sydney Adventures
Sydney weather was so much warmer than Melbourne when I arrived on the Wednesday night. I remember waiting at the train station in my jeans, long sleeve top and long hooded leopard print vest and thinking... Should have dressed lighter.. -_-" 
The weather remained really warm throughout my stay, which was good and bad for various reasons; good because we didn't have to worry about it raining at the concert, bad because I'm not a huge fan of warm weather - it makes me super lethargic and uncomfortable.
My gf from Sydney, Jenii, was able to take off work until Saturday (concert day) so she took me out on Thursday for some fun times in the CBD :D
My first time at PEPPER LUNCH
My salmon pepper rice!

Jenii's Curry Beef Rice

Mix mix mix~

 We went to Pepper Lunch for some noms in the afternoon. It was my first time there and I had a really hard time choosing what to order. In the end I got the salmon one~ It was super fresh and yummy. You can customise the taste of your Pepper Lunch by adding sauces at your leisure hehe :D

Later on, we had a look around Westfield to check out the Swarovski store and also have a browse at some of the other stores inside. The interior was super classy and pretty. Admittedly, I don't frequent the Westfield malls here in Melbourne, so it was a nice change of pace to visit one in Sydney.  I really loved the interior designs of the stores and I even captured a shot of One Teaspoon's exterior because it looked so awesome!! We also passed by the Tea Salon~ it was such a cute, pink-themed high tea type place. Perfect for those who want to take a break from their shopping and sit down for a nice hot cuppa.

As per usual, I took a few snaps of Sydney buildings. I honestly don't know which buildings these were and where I was at the time, but they looked gorgeous against the clear blue skies~ I couldn't resist haha Later on, we decided to go to my ultimate favourite Japanese restaurant, WAGAYA!

Eel cheese springroll

Uni cream spaghetti

Chicken namban roll

Jenii with the chicken namban roll hahaha

Lightly grilled salmon & scallop boxed sushi

My absolute fave~ have to et it everytime I visit haha

I absolute looooove going to WAGAYA. The first time I went there, I absolutely fell in loveee with the salmon and scallop sushi! It's seared very lightly, while still retaining the fresh rawness of the seafood. But don't you worry, it's not fishy or gooey. Just pop the whole thing in your mouth and munch away! It totally just melts in your mouth. I'm drooling just thinking about it hahaha.

Since my first visit to WAGAYA, Jenii has also introduced me to their pasta dishes. I am a huge fan of carbonaras and other creamy pastas, but I'm often left disappointed when pasta is overcooked, cream is lacking and there isn't much flavour or sauce. The selection of pastas at WAGAYA all seem to have seafood in them (if I recall correctly) but luckily I'm a seafood fan HAHAH Their seafood dishes are the best ones on the menu!!!

Other favourites of mine are the wasabi octopus dish (served raw). It's so darn fresh and yummy. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to eat RAW octopus when Jenii first introduced the dish to me and my friends (JenShyn & Peter) but once I had a small bite, I was instantly hooked. Didn't get it this time around though because it's difficult to finish between just two people.

I would also recommend the spider roll sushi (wth soft shell crab). I ordered this on the Sunday while I was dining with Sarah and Sophary and they seemed to like it as well. The soft shell crab is deep fried (sooo yummyyy) and the sushi itself is covered with a yummy orange sauce (no idea what it was lol) and hey even put a huge piece of soft shell crab on the top (which I gladly gobbled down)

A great feature about this place is the quick service, as well as the touch screen ordering system. I've only been to one place in Melbourne with the same system (China Red), and I find it soo convenient! You can order as you go and check your list of orders as well to see how much you're racking up on your bill. Too cool! They are usually quite booked for dinner service, so if you want to go, it's better to book in advance or go really early (5-5.30pm) when they're just opening.

(wow.. I must really love this place, look how much I ranted hahaha)

On the Friday, I took a chill day at Jenii's and just bummed around the house. It felt good to be a bum LOL only because I was in complete exam mode only days early. Then on the Saturday (concert day) we met up with Sarah and Sophary for lunch at Arisun.

Pomegranate Soju (tasted horrible)

Seafood 짜장면 (jjajangmyeon)

Soy chicken

The waitress at Arisun recommended the soy chicken as it was the most popular. I thought it was only okay. It's very caramelised and crispy. I think the pieces should have been chopped smaller. There were some small bits but then there were other which were bigger than my fist -_-" we ended up not being able to finish it either. Good serving for $30 I suppose, but ended up being such a waste because we forgot to takeaway!

The rest of my time in Sydney, I didn't take any photos hahaha! I'm so lazy. I didn't have a whole lot of battery left on my camera after the concert anyway. On the Sunday, I went shopping with Sarah and Sophary, then we went to Big Echo Karaoke ($12 for 3 hrs and a drink) and then I took them to WAGAYA for dinner noms hahah. Then on the Monday I browsed around the local Westfield, met Jenii in the city for dinner @ CRAZY WINGS (it was SO bad.. they gave us chicken which was obviously not fresh. It's never been like that before but luckily we convinced them to give us a discount. Won't be going there ever again though) and then we picked up some 짜장면 from a korean restaurant. Yum yum yum. Couldn't even finish the whole thing. I ended up having to bring it back with me to Melbourne and it leaked in my bag -_- all my stuff is oily now, including my favourite bag. DAMMIT!

Anyway, that concludes my week in Sydney ^0^ My awesome brother and sis-in-law picked me up from the airport and I stayed overnight at their place haha jamming to KPOP on the car ride home. So much fun~

Thanks for reading xox

07 November 2011

Random tidbits & pick edition #2

Hi everyone!

It's a really beautiful Spring day today~
Blue skies, hot sun & a cool, light breeze <3
That's what I describe as a perfect day haha.

I've officially concluded my examinations for the semester!
I had my Korean exam this afternoon and it was a little tough..
But I did the best I could and can only hope for the best!
Unfortunately, I still have an assignment to finish.
It's a 3000 word research proposal...
Hope I can finish it by tomorrow so I can pack for Sydney.
le sigh.

Is anyone going to the SYDNEY KPOP MUSIC FESTIVAL?
If you are, hope to see you there :D I will be flying to Sydney early
then meeting with other friends to attend the concert~
Huzzah! It's like a dream come true~
Finally get to see some of my favourite KPOP idols in concert XD
I can't thank my beautiful friends enough for buying my ticket <3

Anyway, I'm off to have an afternoon snack & do my assignment~
I'll leave you with the latest additions to my PICK photo diary :D

Pastel pink & lilac nails w/ simple deco

New hair style! huhu

Weird coloured leopard nails

My Halloween look

In the car on the way to Julie's

Julie & Kimu <3

w/ her yellow roses to kick off her bday celebration!

wearing prisila wig.. lol photowhore *hrmm*

I love Maroon 5~ Adam Levine is hotstuff :3

Summer (or Spring rather haha) desserts

Halloween look again

Took a photo of the picture on my laptop hahah
Have a great a week ~