30 October 2011

Halloween look: fluro-kawaii!!

Hi everyone~ This is a very impromptu halloween look!!
I don't celebrate Halloween at all but I was getting tired of studying
and decided to create this look hahaha

Actually, ever since I watched an anime recently,
I wanted to do a geisha look with a very bold RED waterline
I started doing that but in the end it became like this -___-"
I have no discipline or control over my creativity.

To be honest, I only applied makeup to half my face.
Can you tell? LOL

Anyway, I will briefly outline how to achieve this look!

What I used:
Base O'slee Rosehip BB Cream HD Flawless
Cheek Canmake Cheek & Cheek 03
Eyeshadow NYX Tropical/Yellow/Lime Green pallete
Dolly Wink 02 Grey Pink
Peripera 16 Pink pink
Smashbox eye shadow 24k (gold)
Eye liner BYS 08 pink shimmer shine pencil (waterline/bottom lid base)
Dolly Wink liquid liner black
Brow Mode cosmetics eye pencil in Jade
Contouring Kate designing eyebrow EX-4
Lashes TheFaceShop XLH
Daiso lashes #9 volume type
Lips MAC in Saint Germain
Misc pink rhinestones & purple glitter (bottom lash)

 Start off by using the shimmer pencil to line the bottom
I followed the natural shape of my eye (if you can tell)
Use the gold eyeshadow for the inner bottom half

Layer on the pink eyeshadow over the pink shimmer pencil
(using the peripera & dollywink to build up colour)
The pink wasn't intense enough for me, so I ended up adding the red later
Line the top lashline with eye liner, making a thick cat eye w/ 2 wings
Be sure to extend the front of the liner at the corner of your eye too :D
(DW wasn't that suitable for lining so you may want to use a darker one)

Define brows with the jade eye liner (haha fluro brows!)
Stick on your false lashes~
I've applied my Daiso ones first for length,
then added TheFaceShop ones over the top more towards the outer corner
This makes the eye more heavy on the outer corners =^^=
I've also put on my Bambi grey lenses for added effect!

You may not be able to tell from the photos but
I also added gold shadow to my crease.
It's very subtle but it makes a difference in person~
I've also added pink rhinestones at the edge of the top liner

Apply your lipstick (mine is MAC's Saint Germain)
Apply your blush (pink for apples of cheek / apricot above cheek bone)
Add a mole.. just for fun LOL And wear a wig if you like
For the bottom lashes: Use a small brush and dip it into the glitter
Then make small strokes extending from pink shadow
Click the image for a closer look!

Here's a closer look :)

Finished look!

Okay, now you can photowhore all you like hahahahahaha

I think my mole looks sexy lolol

I feel like a fluro asian barbie!

LOL @ my butt reflection!


Looks good with short hair too

Rocking my leopard print hoodie vest!

Feel like a rockstar now woowoo!!!

Okay hope you enjoyed!


27 October 2011

pick! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Hello everyone~
I wanted to make a photoblog post about the recent photos I have been decorating and uploading onto an iPhone app called pick, by NAVER Japan!

You can decorate your photos like purikura machines and upload them onto pick ^_^ The edited photos are also saved into your photos folder! The one thing I don't like about the app is that you have to crop the image to a square (which seems to be the popular thing to do in many other photo editing and sharing apps these days). The app also doesn't have photo filters which I think would have been a great bonus. You can, however decorate like crazy (there are even wigs lol) and add frames/borders :)

Joon sleeping Zzz

After his bath haha ! So hyperactive!
Taken a while ago. Before his haircut!

The flowers spewing over from our neighbour's garden xD


Old photo of me wearing prisila wig :D

Rose in my garden. So enchanting!

Running around like a crazy hahaha

My cutiepie!

Old photo with Yuka & Sarah <3

Sarah & I on my birthday this year =^^=

Yuka & I (instax) @ singk

Photo from my birthday lol not wearing wig xD

Nectarine blossoms from earlier this year!

Hope you enjoyed my photos ^___^ I encourage anyone who has an iPhone to also download the app and have some fun with it. It's a great opportunity to communicate in Japanese too (if you are learning and need practice). I'm still building my confidence because I don't really know what to say ><

Feel free to follow me and I will do the same!
My username is xxshinrai

tata for now xoxo

What friends are for..

So the other night, I went out for coffee w/ some friends
The area was really packed and it was hard to get a table.
I was so surprised everyone was still out on Sunday night -__-"

After coffee, everyone (except Keith) decided to come to my house.
Just chatted a bit more while we munched on snacks & had tea :D

What I didn't know was..
While I went to the kitchen to prepare the tea...


YES! They hijacked my iPhone and started photowhoring!!!!
OMG It's such a typical DanTay thing to do LOLLL
They even set the last photo as my lock screen ROFL.
When I went to get my phone and turned on the screen, I was like..
HEYYYYY..................! *glares* hahaha

Still had a very good laugh about it.
Thanks for a nice simple night out guys <3

"Friends make you laugh."

23 October 2011

Classes are officially over for the semester, as of last week.
Now's the time to get stuck into revision & my research proposal!
I've felt pretty up & down lately but managing to stay sane :P
There's still many things on my mind but I don't want to rush things.
I'm sure I will figure things out eventually :)

Tonight I'll be catching up with a few friends for coffee.
It'll be nice to see their lovely faces again.

I consider myself very lucky to have the friends I have.
People who are genuine and understand me & my circumstances.
I'm not sure how to show my appreciation.
But I love you lot, very much xx

Until next time,
Adieu ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

PS. My skin has improved a bit since last time.
It got really bad to the point that all the skin around my lips was dry/cracked
After using hydrating masks, gentle exfoliators & moisturisers,
my skin is on its way to recovery :D
Only problem is, I'm breaking out more than ever!
Can't catch a break >_< !!

If you're wondering.. yes the photo above is taken today.
Nothing like harsh lighting to bleach out the acne and blemishes HAHAH

19 October 2011

Feeling as fake as an imitation designer handbag..

I feel really silly writing this on my blog; it's definitely something I would have openly reflected on in xanga entries back in the day, but I never wanted to express this sadder side of me. Despite that, I do want to be an honest and genuine blogger; I want to be able to feel the freedom to write whatever is really on my mind without too much judgement from my readers or anyone else who happens to pass by my blog. This is my way of letting you get to know a bit more about me; all the different sides of me -- not just the happy, carefree side of me dealing with trivial problems. I think my blog would be a bit boring if I just reported about every social outing I went out on. It's not very personal. But at the same time, I will never cross the line and reveal TMI. Some things are better left unsaid, I think.


I haven't really felt 'myself' lately. I'm not sure if it's something other people have also noticed recently or whether my sense of self is just shifting. Perhaps the person I picture myself to be has changed and the deviation from my real self is even greater. Maybe I'm just tired of my current living situation and my increasing resentment towards certain aspects of my life; therefore affecting my attitude towards everything else in my life. Whatever the case may be, I really hope it passes. I don't like feeling this way and I definitely don't like pushing myself to seem happy; when on the inside, I really just want to crawl into my bed and be alone.

It means a lot when I want to be alone. I'm the type of person who likes to verbalise how I'm feeling to other people. So, for me to want to retract from those around me is a big deal. I just feel like, I'm sick of getting sympathy or empathy and I don't want to depend on other people to always put me back on track. I'm sure they're sick of it too.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be immersed in my final assessments/exams for the semester. As much as I think I want to go out and socialise, I think what I really want is to just be alone. I need to take time to really focus on my studies and prepare myself for future plans and obstacles. I trust that the people who know me best will understand and respect my space. I do apologise in advance though. I'm not being a snob, I promise.

I think we should all remember that, at times, we really need to put our own feelings and well-being in front of everything else in life. Sometimes you need to stop caring about what others will think or how they will react to you doing so and just focus on what it is you need to do for yourself.

15 October 2011

Life according to Kimu #1

Wowow I feel really out of touch with my blogging life because I haven't posted lately. Hello to my new blog followers~ I'm really happy to gain new followers and hope to get to know you better! Please leave a comment about anything at all ^0^ Or if you want to chat, I'm usually gas-bagging about random things on my twitter and always reply to @ tweets XD

I wanted to blog yesterday but when I got home, I took my baby Joon for a walk (it was such a beautiful, sunny day!) and as soon as we got back, I had this urge to give him a hair trim.

HAHAHAH yeah... looks like it didn't really turn out to be a hair-trimming session -- more like shearing a sheep! The photo above is dear JoonJoon sitting next to his back hair LOL He had really matted fur, so I thought it was time to make him bald. It's not fair to him because he can't even scratch himself and the weather is also getting warmer. It's also virtually impossible to give him a bath because everything is this huge coat of matted hair!

This is after I cut all the hair on his body :D I put his ears into a ponytail so I wouldn't accidentally trim them (because I wanted to keep his ears and facial hair long and fluffy!). I didn't trim his legs yet.. but they were probably THE HARDEST to trim! The hair was matted so closely to his skin >.< Was so scared of accidentally hurting him. I ended up knicking him with the scissors a few times though =___=" Worst master ever! But Joon didn't even cry.. he just flinched a little >.< Such a brave boy!

I haven't been up to much else lately. Finally finished my last assignment for Japanese Sociolinguistics :D and now I have to prepare for my Korean listening exam on Monday, as well as my Social Research Methods test (also on Monday). I still haven't gotten much done on my major Research Proposal though T___T I need to get a move on so that I don't have to worry about it after Week 12! OMGOMG my Korean speaking test is also next Friday~ we have a much better script this time, but I'm just worried about whether I will memorise everything and sound natural. I'm aiming for high distinction!! 할 수 있어! 파이팅!!

Lately my skin has been really bad too. My skin has been erupting in so many zits and they're the really big, sore kind which look horrendous and are impossible to cover up! It's soooo disgusting and I feel soooo ugly! That's why I haven't been my usual photowhoring-self :( I've started using a new facial cleanser a few days ago, so I've taken before photos to compare with after I've used it for a few more weeks. I really hope it improves the state of my skin.. even if it's just slightly! Really upset about the health of my skin because even when I do have breakouts, my skin is still soft.. but lately it's become a lot more dehydrated *sigh*

Anyway, it's about time I had some lunch ^^ Hope you all have a magical weekend!

Don't forget to check out my new review post ! <3

O'slee White++ Rosehip Mask

Hi ^__^

I've been a bit MIA with my review posts because I've been so busy with university and job interviews! Really haven't had the time to trial anything and write a review. But I decided to write this one because I tried a new mask a few days ago.

I got this O'slee WHITE++ Rosehip Mask as a freebie gift from Sasa.com and didn't really think to use it until now.

It boasts 'instant whitening + elimnating imperfections" with "30% pure rosehip essence".

What is rosehip essence?
When you research 'rosehip essence', not much really comes up -- however there is an abundance of websites talking about rose hip seed oil. This oil is extracted from (yes, you guessed it)  the seeds of a rose bush specifically located in Chile and Argentina. Rose hip seed oil has been used in a wide variety of skin care to deal with an array of skin ailments such as dermatitis, acne, eczema, sun burn, wrinkles etc.

Wikipedia states its benefits..
Rosehip Seed Oil(Rosa Affinis Rubiginosa) contains Vitamin A, which helps to delay the effects of skin aging, assists with cell regeneration, and promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase. This results in firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin with greater elasticity. Rosehip seed oil also contains a high amount of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which further promotes healthy skin. In particular, it is rich in linoleic and linolenic acids, which are important skin nutrients.

Along with rose hip essence, the O'slee Rosehip Mask also contains licorice extract (known to help treat eczema according to some studies and also used in alternative medicine).

With innovative Hi-Active Bond in pure rosehip essence, White++ Mask whitens, eliminates all freckles and blemishes at ultra speed. Combined with scientific proofed whitening ingredient, Licorice extract, White++ Mask offers you a more crystalline, porcelain-like compleion than ever.

I really wasn't too sure about the use of licorice extract and its role in skin whitening, but apparantly a component of the licorice plant, known as GLABRIDIN, is able to inhibit pigmentation (e.g. freckles) by preventing tyrosinase activation and remaining non-toxic to melanin forming cells (the cells responsible for pigmentation) Source: http://www.whiterskin.com/skin-lightening-ingredients.html

The mask sheet, itself, is quite large and felt really thick and course. Additionally, it still had the eye-hole bits still intact with the mask and it was difficult to rip off so I just left them on them and folded them down do they didn't cover my eyes (HAHAHA!)

As soon as you take the mask out, you can feel how sticky the serum is and it is not well-retained in the mask sheet. The serum was just dripping everywhere and leaving a sticky trail of devastation (not great when it's 2AM in the morning and I'm half-asleep LOL). While I had the mask on, the serum continued to drip to the bottom of the mask and down my neck, so I ended up only leaving the mask on for about 5 minutes (out of the recommended 15 minutes) because it was just all over my neck and the mask sheet covering my forehead was aready dried out!

Sticky trail of devastation

The short while I did have the mask on was very unpleasant. I don't think the serum is suitable for people with sensitive skin or broken skin (e.g. scratches, open wounds, acne) because it seriously STUNG! I've used a few other clay masks and serum masks before and usually they never make my skin sting in areas where I have pimple scars (where the skin is still healing and recovering). Subsequently, the same applies to the area around the eyes. Although the serum didn't actually get into my eye/s, my eyes started to sting (which is another reason why I took the mask off so soon).

As you can see above, due to the courseness and thickness of the mask sheet and its inability to retain the serum, it was very difficult to adhere it to my skin. I'm holding onto the chin area because it kept slipping off and just hanging there .. dripping serum ALL OVER MY FLOOR! You can also see the hanging eye-hole bits which I folded down (lol).

After I took the mask off, I proceeded to pat the excess all over my skin but it actually felt really gross. As I mentioned before, the serum was sticky, so I was left with this sticky film over my skin afterwards. It was not pleasant and it didn't feel refreshing at all. My skin just felt weighed down and when the serum finally dried/evaporated, my skin felt really tight because of the film formed over my skin.

So disappointing.

I don't think I'll ever try this mask again and I may not even try the other masks O'slee make. Although the product boasted about "whiten[ing] and eliminat[ing] all freckles and blemishes at ultra speed" and a "more crystalline, porcelain-like complexion than ever", I did not harbor ANY of these benefits, therefore the true benefits are unknown. The product packaging instructs that the mask should be used 2-3 times a week for maximum result ~ but I can almost guarantee that you won't see any difference even if you adhere to their directions.

I won't be giving a rating this time because I think you may be able to guess what it will be anyway. It was so disappointing, despite their bold claims. I guess I'm just glad I didn't pay for it.

If anyone else has tried O'slee face masks or skin care, please let me know what you think about it!

06 October 2011

Swap it! Don't stop it~

Australia recently launched its national campaign to encourage Aussies to change their lifestyle habits and promote healthy living. It's no secret that Australia has increasingly become one of the top countries in the world with obesity problems. It's actually really sad to see young children who are considered obese. If only their parents were more aware of how their eating habits are reflecting on their children. I know that genetics does play a part in determining a person's weight/figure, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't endorse healthy habits.

I am very blessed to have had a childhood and adolescence where weight really wasn't one of my concerns. An efficient metabolism was on my side and I could eat whatever I wanted without having to worry about putting on weight. At the same time, I was never a binge eater and only ate as much as I needed to sustain myself.

Now that I'm older, I'm seeing the effects of my careless eating and unhealthy habits. I'm a "healthy" size, but I won't lie and say I'm happy to be the size I am today. I used to have slim, toned arms and abs. Now I'm just harbouring pudding limbs and a constant food baby. My weight probably isn't the issue; the issue is that my body mass (which should be made of muscle) is mostly made up of fat stores rather than toned muscle. Muscle weighs more than flab and personally I would prefer to be more toned right now.

I think it's also important to keep in mind that a skinny person can also have really huge health problems even though it may not seem so. Some people might actually be really skinny because of a problem with their thyroid - something which my mother experienced when she was younger. Extreme problems with your thyroid (which monitors your hormones and in turn, your metabolism) can lead to Graves disease as well. I won't put any photos up relating to this condition, but it kinda freaks me out to say the least >.<


This campaign is basically getting Aussies to take that first step towards a healthier lifestyle. It's a lot harder to go cold turkey and give up everything which makes up your current lifestyle for a healthier one. Instead, you can take baby steps. Make small changes and slowly phase the bad habits out of your lifestyle and adopt better habits. For example, if you're a drinker, swap from drinking a beer during your meal "all the time", to "sometimes".

I'm personally taking up the challenge to swap it, instead of stopping it~ my first babysteps are going to consist of reducing my soft drink intake. I love sweet and fizzy drinks and it's definitely a bad habit of mine! What's the point of all that energy from the sugar if I end up sitting in class, in front of the TV or on the computer all day? Additionally, I'm also swapping out coffee~ so what are my alternatives? I'm actually trading my softdrinks and caffeine filled beverages for hot green tea, water and decaf black tea! I can tell you now, I'm already beginning to feel less lethargic these days because of these small changes ^0^v I think that my alternatives are really doing me a favour because caffeine actually dehydrates you and it is simply horrible having to depend on it to stay energised! Green tea is also packed full of nutrients which are really good you. Finally, water.. I think we really take this for granted. I never realised it before, but I was actually going about my days really dehydrated! I did a quiz online to calculate approximately how much water I should be drinking a day ~ 1.9L! I still don't drink close to that much, but I will continue to increase my water intake so that I stay well hydrated :D

So what about other swaps? Lately I've regained my love for yogurt, so I've been eating yogurt with fresh fruits~ it's soo yummy and I feel really full and refreshed eating it! I'm also a huge snacker, especially late at night.. it's not good to be snacking at night in the first place but I know I can't stop it entirely. So instead of snacking on cookies, chips, leftovers from dinner, desserts etc., I've swapped them for fresh fruit, nuts and hot tea.

Actually, it may surprise you but sometimes when we think we're hungry, we're actually thirsty. So anytime you have the midnight munchies, go get yourself a nice glass of water and chug that down first before you raid the pantry or fridge!!

I'm nowhere near phasing out my bad habits yet. I really do need to start encouraging myself to live a more active lifestyle instead of sitting on my butt all day. Healthier eating is one thing, but it goes hand in hand with exercise~ I know I can do it, I just need to make the first move!

So, everyone~ SWAP IT! DON'T STOP IT~

The morning after..

Some more photos from my digicam which I took from the morning after my Girls Night In <3
You can't even see my eyeshadow =.=;; I did a blend of greens and golds and pinks. Actually sounds pretty ugly but it looked pretty Spring-y? Maybe I should re-do my look where I stuck flowers on my face like Michelle Phan XD

How awesome does Julie's face-paint art look?! She painted a butterfly ^0^ This was for my bubby's (Cat) 21st back in 2009! It was so much fun to see everyone put effort into their face decor~

Anywaaaayyy~ here are some photos my lovely girlies posted on facebook! Wanted to share them on my blog because we are all such cuties LOL *noshame*

Talk about a photo rich post~ heheh hope you enjoyed our photowhoring ^0^v

Bye loves!