30 September 2011

A Little Bit of Creativity~

Good evening~

It's the last day of my semester break today. As per usual, I woke up around 11am ~ I'm not sure why that's become my average wake up time. This morning, at 4am, my dog woke me up so he could go outside >0<;; He jumped on my bed, jumped off, then ran around making 'tip-tap-tip-taptap' noises on the floorboards. I thought he was tap dancing in my sleepy haze =.=;; Anyway, I got my butt out of bed and let him outside. He took such a long time and it was so cold! Finally he came back in and before he goes to my room.. *throws up*. =_______________=" I love cleaning up doggie mess at 4 in the morning! *sarcasm* I think he's feeling better now, but I'm starting to get worried because he throws up almost every week :(

Recently I dug up my old samsung haptic phone case~ It was one of my first decoden projects ^__^ It was a lot of hard work, but in the end it really paid off. Too bad it rendered my phone useless afterwards because I had to be uber careful with it. Plus it was so chunky, wasn't sure where to put it. A few of the rhinestones have fallen off already and my decocream snapped off too T__T Oh well. still pretty to look at.

Back view

Super cute cabochons

Giant heart macaron <3

Lots of cute pink bling~

Front view

Mixture of pearls and rhinstones

Love this black rose accent ^_^

I haven't really had the time or resources to do many deco projects lately. It's a real shame because it was something I could turn to when I was feeling lonely, sad or bored. I really love pretty things and it was always so much fun to do this~

Today is my Dad's 67th birthday!

Pandan cake baked by Mum & decorated by me

My brother was going to take us out for dinner tonight at China Bar (it's sooo expensive) but Mum works every Friday night. So we won't really be celebrating until Sunday~ We're going to go to my brother's house and I get to play Gears of War 3 *YAAAY* and we're also going to order in Indian food hehe The Indian restaurant near their place has the best curry ever! Certainly cheaper than going to China bar (which I prefer).

So I decorated the cake. Umm.. it was my first time really decorating a cake. I've iced cakes in the past but those were all straight forward from-the-box types of recipes. I decided to do a cream icing and it turned out ok. LOL I lack in the creativity department because I wasn't sure what the hell to do. Maybe next time I will draw a sketch first.

Total FAIL with the writing and the choice of colour too >0<;; Oh well, it's the thought that counts! Should have done blue and decorated with coloured cream instead. I guess this is just practice for the future.

I can't wait to eat the cake though! I'm so hungry thinking about it but Dad says to wait for Mum to come home from work.. which is 9PM :( *belly grumble*

Left hand w/ Kungfu Blue base

In other news, I redid my nails last night! My gradient nail was chipping off and getting ugly so I decided to try Bubzbeauty's pastel heart leopard print nail art! You can watch her video here.

Right hand (total mess!!) w/ Lilac base

As you can tell from my right hand.. I totally failed LOL. I think it's just because my left hand is really unsteady when drawing. I think I prefer the Kungfu Blue base as well. Oh well, like I said, practice makes perfect hehe! It was still a lot of fun to do and I want to try different base and colour combinations next time ^0^ ~


29 September 2011

SAVVY by DB: Liquid Eyeliner

Today I will be reviewing SAVVY by DB's Liquid Eyeliner in Plum.

I wouldn't say I use a lot of coloured eye liners; whether they're pencil, liquid or cream liners. Apart from this plum liquid liner, I own an emerald pencil liner by Mode Cosmetics haha. I don't use it that often but I recently used it for my Hatsune Miku cosplay ^3^ (green brows ftw!)

I got this eyeliner at Priceline for under $5 (if I recall correctly). Definitely not going to leave a hole in your pocket and it also came in other colours but I don't really remember them (according to a review online, someone bought them in olive and blueberry as well). I also read somewhere that production of these products now takes place in China as opposed to Germany. I suppose that's why their cosmetics are so affordable - but I don't think the quality is that great.

The liquid liner comes packaged in a little eyeliner bottle and the applicator is attached to the top. As you can see in this photo, when you first take the applicator out of the bottle, it is rich with product. I don't like this (I don't think anyone would because you can't splosh that only your eyes, now can you?), so I simply wipe off the access on the lip of the bottle. Don't really think this helps all that much though because the applicator is not really 'infused' with the product. This means that when you're lining your eye, the product runs out real quick. Due to this, I've had to dip the applicator in serveral times and leave a little more product on the applicator so that the eyeliner isn't so translucent. However this makes for uneven, clumped up application. It just looks ugly.

This is how the eyeliner looks when I've used it to line my upper lid. In the light, it looks almost true to the colour of the bottle - perhaps just darker and with a metallic sheen. However, when I wore it out one time, my friend told me it looked like brown eyeliner. This is pretty disappointing because I was hoping this eyeliner would be a vibrant pop of colour. I was especially drawn to it because it was plum and I love plums & purples.

You may or may not be able to tell how uneven the application is as well. The formula is pretty poor in my opinion because unless you slosh a whole lot on (with product concentrated on the applicator), you aren't going to get a clear, solid line. The applicator probably doesn't do us any favours either because the point leaves a bare line (exposing the skin) as you drag it. Leaving a sort of outline outside the bare part..

In this photo, I've actually gone back and done a second coat of the eyeliner. The colour is a little more bold and the colour is there but notice that the line is not a smooth or defined line? As I lightly pat my eyelid and feel my lash line at this very moment, I can actually FEEL the eyeliner. The liner has dried to form this bumpy, unappealing piece of gunk on my eye. Not pretty at all. I'm also very aware that it's there when I blink. Perhaps it's just me but I'm wearing it only on my left eye and something definitely feels weird.

I drew some lines on my hand. The applicator doesn't really allow for a sleek, thin line - especially since you have to have quite a lot of the product on the applicator in the first place. It also takes some time to dry (annoying when you have smaller double lids or even monolids because it will just smudge everywhere when you open your eyes and you'll look like a noob lol)

Here's a close up of the scribble I drew on my hand. There's a noticeable metallic quality to it but not really the type of colour that I like.


This is the felt tip (at least I think it is felt tip) applicator. It's relatively hard and rigid, which I suppose is meant to aid with precise lining. I personally just don't like it. It's very harsh on my eyelid and I prefer a more gentle applicator - like a brush or a soft felt tip. I think I will stick to my Dolly Wink liquid liner because I absolutely love its felt tip applicator. Just hope they will make coloured liners in the future~

Another thing to note is that the liner is smudge proof, and relatively water resistant.

Rating: 4/10
I'll give it brownie points for being smudge proof and water resistant, as well as points for being really cheap and affordable.However, the applicator is a miss for me and so is the product itself. You get what you pay for I guess.

28 September 2011

New layout


I'm such a lazy bum~ haha! Since I started this personal blog, I have no bothered to personalise it very much. I stuck with all the template customisations. Boring.

I was supposed to go to sleep when everyone else did around midnight but then I sat on my bed and felt a little restless. I've been like this for quite some time lately, leading up to my university break (which is only one week, mind you).

Earlier in the evening I had been searching for potential backgrounds for my blog and it took forever because a lot of the 'patterns' I found were in fact.. not suitable for tiling. I may have to edit the in photoshop later so that they tile perfectly when applied as a background. But as you can tell, I went with this vintage rose style background and I didn't have to tweak it at all :D The cutest detail about it is that the 'roses' are in fact kitty cats! Kawaii desho?!

I also made a top banner for this new layout, featuring a low quality iphone photo of myself. I've been planning to go out and take proper photos with one of my girlfriends, but the weather hasn't really been on our side most weekends.. and my skin has been acting up lately as well.

I've still got an issue with my banner though because, at the moment, it's sitting in it's own widget. I wanted to add it to the header widget but it's not centred (which means I have to make my banner the same size as the blog width). Bleerhh~ it's tolerable right now. Better than having boring default layout :D

Now to design something for my review blog.. hmmm~

Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies xx

25 September 2011

♡Picnic Pig-out: ALICE'S 22ND BIRTHDAY!♡

Happy birthday Alice ♡ 26.09.89

Yesterday was the much anticipated BIRTHDAY PICNIC at the Botanical Gardens for Alice's 22nd birthday! It was a chilly but mildly sunny day in Melbourne but everyone was ready to chow down on all the wonderful treats we prepared!!

I got up pretty early in the morning to get ready and pack everything by 9am; when Juan was supposed to pick me up. But not surprisingly, the loser was running late LOL Cat and I were complaining about him over the phone and sms while I waited. The plan was to get to Cat's a lot earlier to leave time for all the food prep and also so Cat could get ready. Turns out we got there just past 10.30am-ish after picking up some more groceries.

We made onigiri, cupcakes, pork cutlets (I have no idea what to call them.. it's crumbed pork sausage, wrapped in ham in the shape of heart), chocolate covered strawberries, truffles and.. I think that was it? The others brought mountains of sandwiches. bread, dips, springrolls, prawn crackers, sakata, soft drink, non-alcoholic sparking grape juice etc. SO MUCH FOOD!!!! >w<;;

The heart shaped pork cutlet!

Onigiri! Shaped by me ^0^

It was a really great experience doing food preparation with friends. It's almost like a whole bonding session and it's a lot more hard work than I anticipated! I didn't take a photo of the ones on the bottom which Juan shaped using my bear mold (from Daiso). I cut up the seaweed to make faces LOL I still need to practice though because some look like pedo-bears hahahahaha I'm sure someone took  photo of them so I'll add it once it's uploaded on facebook ^_^

Alice & Tri <3

It's been such a long time since I've been on a picnic, let alone one in Botanical Gardens. I wish it had been a little warmer that day because I was wearing my jacket the entire time >.< But it was still a great day and the scenery was just amazing. Gorgeous green lawns and abundance of trees and plants bordering the lawns. We sat near the lake and unfortuntely got attacked by mosquitoes :( BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, there were ducks! OMG I love ducks! They're so pretty~ there was a mama duck with 3 of her babies *soooo cuuute~*

It's the weirdest thing though.. I've never seen this happen before and it just goes to show, the animal kingdom really is a competitive environment. There was a horrible seagull around the area and when we went to feed the ducks, it must have gotten jealous or something. It swooped down and grabbed ones of the ducklings with its beak and flew about 5m away and dropped it back into the water :( It did this numerous times and we tried to hard to shoo the stupid seagull away !!! Totally have a new-found hatred towards them now. I hated them before.. but now.. ugh.

It was difficult to get a good shot, because they were just too quick for me haha. But they did come pretty close to me at one stage. Baby animals are all so adorable~

Julie being Miss Photographer

Cat writing some of the clues & bday msgs
for the guessing game

Cutie Alice!

Memorabilia board

Cat had a fantastic idea of having a guessing game where we each write a clue which describes ourselves. Inside is a birthday message from each one of us and Alice has to read the clue on the envelope and guess who it is before she gets to read the message and receive our gift to her. It was such a cute idea and the clues, birthday messages and an instax of each of us with the birthday girl was inserted onto a memorabilia board ^0^

Alice & I~

You can't really tell from the photo, but I made Alice a deco box (for jewellery or other knick knacks) and inside was a hello kitty charm ^^ I wanted to share my little deco project for so long but I didn't want to risk her seeing it haha. Here's a photo I took with my iphone upon completion:

Most of the deco cabochons on this deco piece are from www.happytreasure.com! They have quite a few cute things on their website and they are also Australian based, so I received my items in no time!!

Posing with the boys

Tri - Alice - Juan

I can definitely say that the picnic was a great success! I really hope I can do this more often in the future because they're so relaxing and fun. It's a lot better than sitting in a restaurant or cafe with friends and talking. On picnics, you get to sit together on a picnic rug, chow down on food that you've all worked hard on preparing and get in touch with nature~ picnics also make for great scenic photography ^^

Alice with her memorabilia board

Funny thing happened after we finished eating though. The boys were playing with the frisbee and it's actually pretty hard to play frisbee when there's wind involved. Add a lake to the mix and you've got the potential for something bad to happen LOL Tri threw the frisbee and it landed in the lake -_-"

Everyone was trying to think of ways to get the frisbee back and I suggested someone tie the garbage bags around their legs and walk in LMAO XD So Tri did! ... we all surrounded the lake watching. *CUE EPIC EYE OF THE TIGER MUSIC* HAHAHAHAHAH We got it all on camera XD!!! Tri didn't make it far though, because the lake was getting too deep and the bottom was apparently like quick sand >.<;; Oh well, sayonara frisbee!

Alice <3 & cupcake

I hate signs in Botanical Gardens! They're sooo useless! Julie & I went in search of the toilets for, what felt like an hour, but was probably about 20 minutes. You know the dumbest thing is.. I looked at the map just before and realised we actually missed TWO toilets -_- we ended up going ALL the way to the Visitor's Centre. Fail @ life. I got the chance to take pictures of some really pretty flowers though ^___^

By the time Julie & I got back, Phuong had arrived for a short visit~ and then we all proceeded to make speeches. The most emotional speech was probably Tri's.. which came in two parts because the speaker and everyone else were getting really overwhelmed with emotions. It was the most beautiful and touching speech I have ever heard. It was just so so full of love and thankfulness and appreciation. I was moved so much and I got so emotional that I started crying.. it was like a k-drama or something ~ I'm such a softy T___T

Emo time T_____T Best speech ever!

 After the picnic, we all went out separate ways. Tri & Alice were kind enough to offer Julie & I a ride home >.< YOU GUYS ARE SO NICE! So glad we took up their offer because we ended up hanging out at Julie's for a good 6 hours HAHAHAH Sorry Julie, we kept you up until 1am >.<! But we had so much fun talking about things, getting to know each other more, watching youtube clips (LOL SAILORMOON LIVE ACTION), painting Alice's nails and doing Alice's hair hahaha Time flies by when you're having that much fun!! XD

All in all, I was so grateful to be one of the lucky people to have spent time with Alice and our friends to celebrate her birthday. Alice is one of the rare people you meet these days. She is so genuine, sweet, talented, hard-working, kind-hearted and inspirational. I'm so grateful to have met a friend like her and I hope I get to know her more and more. Good friends, good people.. they're so hard to find. But you should always treasure them when you do meet them!! Thanks for a memorable and fun-filled day guys!

Have a great week everyone!

23 September 2011

페리페라~ 마이 컬러 아이즈: peripera eyeshadows

Hello all~

A BIG FAT SORRY IS IN ORDER! I give you permission to pinch me T_T;; I wanted to be able to write more reviews on a regular basis once I moved servers, but I turned out to be a lazy reviewer. I'm really sorry and hope I haven't lost potential readers due to my lack of updates.

Anyway, I've decided to review my peripera eyeshadows today as I recently used my pinkpink one recently for a 'spring inspired' look. It was a bit of a fail, but if you're bored or interested: http://xxshinrai.blogspot.com/2011/09/inspired-by-spring.html

Peripera is a South Korean brand; I first heard about peripera when the Wonder Girls became the faces for their own line. I was always tempted to try it, but then I'd kind of forget about it and never bothered. BUT THEN... I found a seller on Gmarket (omg total HG for clothes, shoes and makeup etc.) who was having a special promotion. Order 2 eyeshadows and get 1 free! Can't resist that bargain haha so I bought two sets.

At the time I wasn't learning Korean (hence couldn't read nor understand everything in the item listing) so I didn't realise that along with the free eyeshadow (2+1), each set came with a Wonder Kiss Gloss and a mini size Grand Volume Mascara! WOO! It felt like my birthday or something hahaha I LOVE FREEBIES! Especially surprise ones which put a smile on your face! I will review the mascara and lipgloss at another time, but I will say that the lipgloss is one of my FAVE!!! <3

I've split the 6 eyeshadows into groups so that's it's easier to keep up. Haha I've had a freaking field day trying to figure out the eyeshadow names and the English equivalent because there was a code stamped over the eyeshadow name on the back D: But I've done the best I can! Hope I didn't get ehm wrong in case any of you plan to shop for these yourselves ><!

12그레이 브라운 - 29네이비 스파클 - 27 브론즈 스파클

This first eyeshadow is 12그레이 브라운 (grey brown). When I looked at it on Gmarket, I swear I though it was some deep ashy purple colour. But judging from the name, it's a grey brown wth?! hahaha! I would still describe it as a shade of purple -- in it's most murky and grey brown form *lol*, but maybe that's just me trying to convince myself that I'm not colour blind XD

As you can tell, the eyeshadow is fairly deep in colour and it's also very pigmented. Each of the shadows I'm reviewing are a different degree of shimmer/glittery-ness due to the colour/glitter combo. This shade is actually quite sparkly, with very fine shimmer particles. However they are ever so subtle when you apply it on your eyelids. It is a perfect crease colour, but can also be used really well as the main base shadow for a sultry smokey eye. Since the eyeshadow is really fine and powdery, it's very easy to blend.

I must say, the eyeshadow is super soft. I'm not sure if it's just because I'm weird and have not noticed this in other eyeshadows.. but I'm almost certain other eyeshadows aren't this easy to get onto my brush. They're just so pigmented and show up really well when you apply it. Some eyeshadows tend to take a bit of work to build the colour.

Note: As you can tell from the photos, I have a huge chunk missing from my eyeshadow. I think I may have dropped it or something. The eyeshadow powders are therefore very messy when I go to open it :( In fact, I spilt some on my desk and when I went to rub it off, it left a smear.. which is still evident O_O (well only slightly because I know it's there) I think it's safe to say that these eyeshadows are quite durable/long-lasting!

This next shade of eyeshadow is 29네이비 스파클 (navy sparkle). Similar to the grey brown eyeshadow above, it has some noticeable shimmer in it. However, I find the sparkles a lot more noticeable when you apply it. The shimmer particles are so gorgeous.. I'm not sure why but the silver shimmer with the navy is a lot more alluring to me~

I also love to use this for a more sultry smokey eye. It is just so gorgeous! I don't know what else to say about it.. except that I really love it. The colour is very true to the photos when I was browsing the eyeshadows. I will say that.. in my photos, however, it is a lot more blue (if that makes sense). Blue as in, more towards this shade.

This eyeshadow is called 27 브론즈 스파클 (bronze sparkle) and I would describe it as a really beautiful bronzey-gold with gold sparkles. The eyeshadow goes on fairly iridescent, but is definitely buildable and suitable for darker bronzey looks.

I, personally, ADORE bronze, gold and copper eyeshadows. I think they're very day-wear as well as night-wear friendly. I wore this shade to university today and just dabbed a little over my entire lid, concentrating more of the eyeshadow to my outer v. I think this is, overall, a very flattering shade that it suitable for everyone ~ let the goddess in you shine hehe!

16핑크핑크 - 15 루시드 핑크 - 1 예로우 시인

Next set of eyeshadows are the lighter shades :) First off, 16핑크핑크 (pink pink)~ same thing happened with this eyeshadow. Huge chunk missing :( However, I think this may also be due to the fact that some of the little cases are harder to open than others. I actually never close this one anymore because it's too hard to open. In addition, more of the eyeshadow becomes loose and falls all over the place when I try to pry it back open. 

The shimmers in this eyeshadow are a lot less evident. Rather than being able to see individual glitter particles, this shadow has an overall sheen to it. Very very beautiful. I used this eyeshadow on the outer half of my bottom lid for my spring inspired look. It is just so girly and pink! A perfect pink for me, in my opinion. You can use it sparingly to have a more baby pink shade, or you can load up that brush and achieve a more hot pink!

There's also another reason why I love this eyeshadow. It doubles up as a blush! I don't really own that many blushes. So while I was trying to complete my gyaru looks, instead of using my usual peach blush, I decided to use this pink eyeshadow and lightly pat and blend it on my cheeks ^_^ Since a lot of Japanese gyaru makeup is very girly and 'lame' ("lah-meh", glittery), you don't really need to add the extra glitters on top of your blush! Major loove!! <3

I just swatched this again on the back of my hand. I only pressed my finger into the eyeshadow and my finger was opaque with pink eyeshadow! So I swiped it once on my hand (the swipe on the left), then swiped it once more (the swipe on the right) to demonstrate the baby pink and hot pink variations you can create :)

Next up is 15 루시드 핑크 (lucid pink), which I use as a base or highlighter. When I say highlighter, I mean highlighting your under brow, the inner corner of your eye AND.. under the eyes, over the top of my blush, on my nose bridge, across my forehead, my cupid's bow or even my chin!!! Hehe just like I use my other pink eyeshadow as a blush, I also use this as a base highlighter ^0^ it's got the perfect amount of lame glitter ~

It looks a lot more colourless in these photos, but I assure you it is PINK! I would describe it as a pastel, icy pink. When I swatch it, I think of icy frosting or something lol. It is such a gorgeous eyeshadow and I just can't stress how great it is as a highlighter! Perfect for dabbing on the middle of your lid over your other eyeshadows (as a final step) to draw in more light to your eyes.

Finally, we have 1 예로우 시인 (yellow sheen). This is a bright, inviting, golden yellow with gold sparkles. When I look at this eyeshadow, I think of the warm of summer and the soft yellow sand on a beach. It just makes me happy! It is relatively iridescent and light, and probably more suited as a highlighting shadow or blended with another shadow.

 This shade actually works really well with pinkpink! They blend together so beautifully and I think it gives  really cute and playful, girly look ~

Swatch with flash

Here is a swatch of all the eyeshadows that have been reviewed, ordered backwards; yellow sheen, lucid pink, pinkpink, bronze sparkle, navy sparkle and grey brown.

No flash, with artificial lighting

Pictured above; grey brown, navy sparkle, bronze sparkle, pinkpink, lucid pink and yellow sheen. The grey brown eyeshadow looks less purple (as it should I guess haha), the navy sparkle looks a lot darker and possibly even a little more on the dark grey-blue side.

Rating: 9/10
I would have rated these eyeshadows a full 10/10, however, I didn't like how some of my eyeshadow cases were a bit dodgey and have caused my eyeshadows to crumble. I ended up tipping out the loose powder because it was too messy to deal with the fall out everytime I went to open a case (which had the crumbling problem). The pros of these eyeshadows are of course, the gorgeous shades, the glittery particles, opaque whilst still being shimmery shadows, easily blendable, very soft formula (very fine powders) and can be double up as blush and cheek/nose highlighter (pinkpink and lucid pink).

Hope you all enjoyed this review and found it helpful! Definitely check out this makeup brand because it is GREAT quality for very low prices.