28 August 2011

기분 좋아~

Hope everyone has a nice day~ the weather is GREAT in Melbourne today and I feel in great spirits after a stroll around the neighbourhood. It's too bad I still have an assignment i need to work on!! Aja aja hwaiting!

27 August 2011

Japanese branded eyelash fixers

Super duper wanna try these and review them!! They're both waterproof and from my fave lash brands! They're selling them on ichibankao for 1450yen and 1350yen respectively (prices include shipping). Not sure if I want to buy them online though because Jewerich RRPs at 735yen, while Diamond beauty RRPs at 840yen. I suppose 610yen - 615yen for shipping is okay.. but they are very small packages >_< Can't imagine they weigh that much at all! I guess I'll have to shop around..

Belated birthday celebrations

Dinner with Lucy, Joe & Julie @ Darac

Lucy - Me - Joe

Me - Julie

Julie drinking her Yakult Soju

Me drinking my Yakult Soju

Korean stew w/ lots of yummy stuff haha

Rice served in cute emerald bowls & rice seasoning

Yakitori (type 2)

Spicy cheesey chicken

Pork ribs - only disappointing dish of the night. Too dry.

My outfit for the night:

Dress - Gmarket
Shoes - Forever New
Tights - Rakuten
Jacket - Sportsgirl
Scarf - Stall in The Glen

Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder (medium)
Canmake cheek and cheek blush 03

 KATE eyebrow pencil BR-2
KATE designing brow EX-4
Noir Blanc eyeshadow palette in Chinffon Cake
Dolly Wink lashes No. 2 Sweet Girly
Dolly Wink lashes No. 6 Baby Cute
Clinique lipstick in Raspberry Glacé

25 August 2011

Popteen September 2011 - new items

I was just looking at the scans of the September issue of Popteen that Eki posted up! So many nice coordinates and hair styles ^^ Makes me wish my hair was light coloured again!

Anyway, GREAT NEWS for false lash lovers out there! Jewerich is releasing a new line of false lashes & Diamond lash is releasing a waterproof eyelash glue!!! YAAY~

New Jewerich lash

These new line of false lashes have yet tobe added to the website, but from the look of them, they're a more natural, girly style. A lot of styles of lash look similar to this, so it's questionable whether I'm despreate to try them. Regardless, they are a nice addition to the Jewerich false lash collection <3

NEW Diamond lash fixer

This new lash fixer (glue) by Diamond Beauty looks great! Definitely something I'll want to try and review when I can order it online! The lash fix is advertised as a 24 hour, waterproof lash glue -- exactly what I've wanted!! Don't you just hate it when you get watery eyes and your lash glue just won't dry? It happens particularly around the inner corners of my eye. Very annoying! I hate having to fix it all the time >.<; Hopefully, this glue delivers what it claims ~ then all my false lash woes will be over!

You can find more Popteen September 2011 scans here on Ekiblog.com

Ignorance is not bliss.. it just makes you look like a fool..

A prejudice, uneducated, close-minded fool..

Came across a forum for Caucasian people (via XiaXue's twitter - click here) where members of the discussion board are basically paying out Asians and voicing their distaste for interracial couples. I know giving more attention to this kind of issue may just add fuel to the fire, but I just can't sit here and stay quiet about it.

Understandably, individuals of a certain ethnicity still seem to be intolerant of other ethnicities which they are not familiar with and seem to lash out with the most ridiculous of insults and hate crimes. One of the underlying causes is lack of understanding of the other ethnicity and the culture, leading to stigmatised views which are often outdated and extremely over-generalised.

I come from an upbringing which is open-minded about other cultures. Sure, we may have our regular grills of other cultures, but only because the social labels are so ridiculously funny. I have friends from all types of cultures and ethnicities and we pay each other out all the time XD At the end of the day, it's all in good fun though.

I don't hate Asian girls, I'm just disgusted by them. I'm not only repulsed by they way they look, but they are sooo materialistic! It's as if all they know is how to do is spend money! They're all incredibly superficial, and despite what some people may say about their IQs, I've never met even ONE Asian who had anything even remotely intelligent or original to say(I completed my bachelor's degree at the world's most multicultural university, so I came across hoards of the little drones).

I couldn't help but laugh when I read this post. Since when were ONLY Asian women materialistic? Last time I checked, ANY woman was capable of being materialistic. It all comes down to the person's upbringing - not their ethnicity. How exactly are Asian women, exclusively superficial when compared to women of other cultures? As for IQ, there goes the lovely workings of STIGMA and labels.

It's common in Asian cultures to prioritise education and this is why a lot of Asian parents make their kids study like crazy - like studying is their entire life! That's why, when the lucky few are able to come overseas to study, they tend to be a little bit more laid back with their studies (just an observation I've made of many exchange students I've met). Without blabbering on too much about this topic, it basically comes down to a difference in social norms and expectations in different cultures. We're all capable of being smarty pants, some excel in certain areas better than others - but hard work plays a huge part.

Btw, how would you define being 'smart'? Intelligence is measured in so many different ways and your intelligence may simply come down to the knowledge you are exposed to during the course of your life. One of my university tutors had a client who scored low in all other facets of the IQ test that wa administered to her and yet she had an above average verbal IQ. Do you know why? She did crosswords everyday. Funny, isn't it? Yet her verbal IQ would have been regarded as that of a genius.

Right, so I've probably gone off on a tangent but the moral of the story is, don't judge a book by it's cover, don't rely on stigma or labels, and don't over-generalise when it comes to a person's 'race'. At the end of the day, we are one species. So why do we keep tearing at each other?


Spring is just on our doorstep Australia!!

I'm so psyched! The sunny weather lately has really got me pumped for Spring/Summer ^0^ I can't wait to go on picnics, laze about at the beach and wear short-shorts and skirts!!! Take out your flip flops and sandals girlies~~ It's gonna be awesome!!

The beautiful view in my backyard

Flowers are blooming already <3


Meaanwhile, this is what I woke up to this morning LOL My brother's dog, Mochi, has come to stay with us until Sunday :) It's David's wedding this weekend, so Gab & Marilyn have flown up to Sydney! I really wanted to go too, but mo sai loi :(

Dogs waking me up with their jumping and licking lol

She's so beautiful though <3

Gorgeous girl~ when she's calm she's so lovable,
but when she's barking... -_-

23 August 2011

I feel like a fatty ( °٢° )

Bored in the family room

*roly poly~~~* Super duper full right now!
It feels like I haven't had Maccas in a long time! I didn't have any big or proper meals today. Only oats for breakfast, and a sad little sushi for lunch (too much vinegar in the rice, not enough avocado or salmon).

I had to walk to the station today.. it was really tiring (esp because mid-way I realised that I had forgotten my mobile phone and had to run back home T^T). Luckily I got there before the bus arrived~ but I had to wait in the sun and I was getting so hot >.<;; I don't think I got a sunglass tan btw (lol refer to my tweets).

The day was pretty meh.. got really jealous of the uni clubs because they were having BBQs today and I was drooling from the yummy smell. Too bad, for members only.

Another lovely sunny day

22 August 2011


My 'guestbook' for my 22nd birthday.

여러분~ 주말에 잘 보냈어?

Mine was so-so. I've been sick!! 감기 떼문에 (I had a cold or something -o-;;).
그냥 집에 있었어. (I just stayed home.) Studied a bit, watched some Fushigi Yuugi & Heartstrings ^0^!

CHIPMUNK YONG!!! and talking to Sarah bubu <3

I managed to catch up on Heartstrings (넌 내게 반했어) and watched the final episode over the weekend!! So sad that it's ended because I was actually really into this drama. From the first episode, I was already fangirling over my Yonghwa bubby <3 I do have some criticism though; the drama definitely needed the 16th episode to allow for a more smooth and more satisfactory conclusion, kissing scenes were not natural enough (open your mouth just a little please!! Yong! ShinHye!) and I was expecting Gi Young to have a love interest, but no - he was just the hot guy with killer abs, nice voice and stage fright haha! Really hope that somehow they make a second season or maybe a web series on youtube, LIKE PLAYFUL KISS! Though, those were kinda disappointing too...

Got to paint my nails.. looks ugly in photos LOL

Received a present from my sister (who lives in San Jose, USA) last week ^0^ She got me the usual -- Victoria Secret panties XD I'm not used to wearing such delicate, lacy underwear! I just wear the normal kind cuz no one sees it but me HAHAHAH !!!! Mmm, and she also gave me a whole bunch of lipsticks ^^ Mostly natural shades (which is soo her <3) and also one bold red lipstick! Can't wait to try ><!!

Found a piggy bank full of 1c & 2c over the weekend LOL

Today was a super nice day!!! I am very much looking forward to more sunny days to come~ Winter is almost over and I'm loving the new season of fashion right now. Beautiful, bold colours! Can't wait to gget a job, save up and put some aside for some new pieces for my wardrobe!!

Lonely, sunny days on campus

Outfit of the day

Back view of skirt. I'm such a butthead LOL

Due to the lovely weather today, I traded my jeans in for this colourful and layered skirt with a grey & black abstract sleeveless dress underneath. Wore my long grey cardigan over this outfit and wore flip flops to uni (although I wore my lace up platform boots in the photo above; PS the right heel is still broken, PPS YAY CHUBBEH LEGS!)

Got lots of homework to do tonight before tomorrow!! Going to see my lecturer for consultation because I've missed my last two tutorial classes :( Also got a job interview on Wednesday >_< Not exactly my first preference, but beggers can't be choosers!

19 August 2011

Fashion picks #2

I was just browsing NASTYGAL to check out their new items and  BAM! New crazy-mind-blowing shoes.

This edition of Fashion Picks, I'm going to share some amazing shoes that represent a very "abstract art" kind of style. I'm becoming increasingly fond of BIG platform shoes these days - not only because they are BOLD, but they give me a good height boost without being too unkind to my feet (I'm not a fan of super sloped heels).

Jeffrey Campbell: Rockin Platform - Leopard Pony

Jeffrey Campbell: Security Platform Boot (Black)

Leopard Cutout Wedge

17 August 2011

Paradise Kiss Live Action Movie (2011)

GREAT NEWS! One of my favourite anime / manga, PARADISE KISS has been made into a film!! I'm sooo over the moon~~ It was released in June 2011, so it won't be on DVD yet. Unfortunately, that means I need to wait a bit longer before I can watch it!! D: Life is cruel! I will patiently wait for its DVD release T^T Ganbaru~

POTD: Same make up, different hair?

How I achieved this look:
Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream
Revlon Color Stay foundation (can't remember my shade >.<)
Revlon Color Stay pressed powder (medium)
KATE eyebrow pencil BR-2
KATE designing brow EX-4
Noir Blanc eyeshadow pallete in Winter Sea
Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
Dolly Wink lashes No. 2
Diamond lash (bottom) ベイビー
Canmake Cheek & Cheek blush 03
Peripera Wonder Kiss Gloss
(think I ate it all by the time I took photos LOL)

16 August 2011

Brunch with Tofu & POTD

Hahaha hello~~
Just took this POTD (Picture Of The Day) with my Mum's HP laptop webcam! It's been ages since I took webcam photos and it was funny looking at the different features the HP has available hehe Definitely didn't have those when I used my old Logitech webcam.

Today was almost a total bludge day. My darling Tofu-chan (Ciara) called me around 9AM cuz she was feeling foreveralone LOL She actually went to her placement too early and had nothing to do, so she came to my place to chill. Meanwhile, I hadn't even taken a shower yet, so my hair was a tangled, greaseball monstrousity!!

While I was brushing my teeth, I noticed the hallway lights flicker off.. good thing it was morning otherwise that woulda freaked me out so bad! Turns out there were construction workers (?) outside my house replacing the old rotting wooden beams for the power lines -- hence why the power was out. But we didn't receive any warning about this happening. Talk about public inconvenience. Bumheads!!!!

So anyway, unable to even make toast, Ciara took me to Mocha Jo's and I had brekky!! Eggs Benedict with ham and extra mushrooms on the side!

The meal was only alright in my opinion. It looked super yum but the hollandaise sauce was a HUGE let down. I've had way better and I think that is was kinda sour and too acidic -____-" Maybe that's just me, but I prefer mine to be creamy and less 'sour-tasting'. I probably should have just gone for the bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Maybe next time..

Spent the rest of my day doing my Japanese Sociolinguistics readings and tutorial homework to prepare for my 4PM class. But Dad totally forgot he had to take me to uni -- long story short, I stayed home and wrote a new review for my blog and emailed my tutor to apologise -___-" So bummed I didn't go out ater all the effort I put into getting dressed and drawing on my brows LOL I was even going to wear my new scarf out for the first time!

Anyway, I was going to share more photos but blogger is being a meanie again and telling me 'server rejected'. Until next time~

15 August 2011

Terrific 22nd


I've just spent an hour trying to figure out why blogger wouldn't let me upload photos T__T I kept getting 'Rejected Server'! So mean.. Y U SO MEAN BLOGGER?!

Anyway, yesterday was my 22nd birthday ^___^ It didn't quite feel like my birthday since I celebrated my birthday the weekend before :P I stayed home for most of the day though.. AND WATCHED WOLVERINE *heckYES* haha!! Daniel Henney & Hugh Jackman? Yes, please!

The machine made our eyes really dark and huge!

HAHA wasn't ready for this one!


HAHA random pink owl!


Not sure why there's WARNING tape.. haha
Went out with a few friends that night for a mini celebration / Sydney trip planning. Took some purikura at PhotoWorld and later went for dinner at Flying Chicken AKA Yami Yami!

Keith says he has all the good lighting.. whateverr~

My sweetie pies~
 I'm not going to post photos of the food this time around. Got the usual mandu, cheesy spicy chicken thinger~ Also got dukbokki and a seafood hotpot though! Our poor waiter.. he burnt his hands on our steel rice bowls >_< They should really have gloves for those!! Then when he brought out our huge hotpot, he was spilling the soup everywhere *eeeep!!* Not good but we didn't get angry at him or anything, just made sure he was okay. Um yeah they also charged us for Korean beer which we didn't order.. THANK GOSH WE CHECKED THE BILL!! We ain't paying for no beer we didn't even drink!!

w/ Keith (take #2)

Nekara & Nekimu

w/ Julie; look @ all the pretty butterflies
It was a fun night (except for my heel breaking: refer to review entry HERE) & I was so happy to share it with some of my dearest friends (super sad Miss Catherine Ubay was a sicky poo and couldn't come though)

I was also SUPER DUPER happy to receive so many birthday wishes on facebook, twitter & sms ^______^ VERY HAPPY ONIGIRI~ Thank you all so much for the birthday love. I felt so special ~

PS. Wearing my two tone Prisila wig :D Maxi dress from Bardot, cardigan from Cotton On, jacket from Sportsgirl and shoes from wholesale7.net!