30 July 2011

Life's little problems..

Photo taken in my garden
Super sad today.

All my plans went into the pooper today because of a misunderstanding and unforeseen circumstances. This morning I was supposed to visit a Japanese grocery to buy some frozen foods in preparation for my party. I got up early, got ready, but then I find out that Mum was under the impression that I was paying. I'm not working right now and my tax return money is all I have to survive on (most is gone due to crazy overdue phone bill *sigh*). Got into a mini argument, as per usual, about money. It left me in a pretty rotten mood. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but it's hard not to feel bitter or resentful sometimes.

Tonight is dear Katherine's 18th birthday party. I was so looking forward to going and seeing the work girls again this weekend but I've been feeling a bit stomach-sick since yesterday. It's really hit me hard today. I won't elaborate too much because it's all very disgusting. Let's just say there's tummy rumbling and toilet runs involved. I'm trying my best to keep up my fluids because I've been told when you have stomach problems which result in (lol) toilet runs.. you lose a lot of fluids and vital minerals, so you need to replace them. In severe circumstances, people have died from dehydration etc. Pretty extreme though.

Bleh.. the icing on top of the cake.. eye infection *ohyayy* =___=" I wore my bambi almond contact lens yesterday and I probably should have rubbed them clean instead of just rinsing them. Now my left eye is red! It doesn't seem to hurt though.. hopefully it gets better by Monday. I should probably invest in some eye wash since I wear contact lens a bit more frequently these days. My precious eyess~~~

I haven't really been up to much lately but I watched Captain America last night. Very last minute plans lol. I had no idea it was already out in the cinemas until Julius gave me a buzz and asked if I wanted to go. I was hesitant at first because I'm super money conscious right now and 3D tickets cost $18 (student fee). BUT... Julius had vouchers, and how can I turn down a free ticket? :D HAHAHAHA!! Yeah the movie was pretty cool but I'll admit, not as epic as I thought it might be. By 'epic', I mean EPIC AWESOMENESS WOWOWOW that I experienced when watching Thor XD I'm looking forward to The Avengers though (to be released May 2012)!!

Random snapshots from the week..

Lemon meringue tarts
 Made some little tarts because of the copious amounts of lemons my mum and I harvested from our lemon tree. They turned out super yummy, apart from the pastry ! We bought the 'short crust' pastry from the frozen aisle =____=" Never again! I will make my own pastry next time!! I think I'll probably beat the egg whites more next time too to create more firm peaks because I think they were still rather soft.

Package from HoneyBunnykisses
 Love this little stationery business~ I ordered some sakura post its from them and they gave me a discount for liking their facebook page, as well as a cute gift ^_^ I will write about it next time (possibly on my review blog).

Being vain haha
Recently dug this fashion ring from my collection and started wearing again. I bought this in Japan for about 600yen! I love the design so much and it is just gorgeouss~ Missing Japan so much~ pretty accessories for cheap cheap~ plus ring sizes tht actually fit me~ PS wearing lilac nail polish from The Face Shop :)

Otayss, time to go~
Hope I get better soon. I hate being sick :( またね!

Sweet dream, or a beautiful nightmare..

Actually I had neither of those last night.

I think I've had a few things on my mind lately that have been worrying me but I don't think I've been actively attending to them.

Just the other night I had a dream of being on a ski trip with a whole bunch of girls and whilst we were waiting in the bus to go home, one of the girls yelled, "THE WORLD IS ENDING IN AUSTRALIA SOON!!". At that, she put up a display of a website she was on and it displayed a count down.. "8, 7, 6, 5.." We all looked at each other in disbelief and counted down. As we reached zero, we looked around outside the bus and everything seemed to be okay. Just as we were about to laugh at the whole ordeal, a dormant volcano (which we thought was a mountain), began to erupt. At first, it wasn't lava oozing out, but these really hot volcanic rocks cascading down the volcano side... eventually hitting our bus and smashing the windows.. the bus sped off after that and there was mad chaos and traffic around us. We got out safely- thank goodness.

Another dream I had was last night. It was my birthday party and people turned up but there were no decorations, the music playlist was not organised (so random CDs were being played), people didn't dress up, there was no food and it seemed that my friends didn't even care that nothing was organised. They just reassured me, but then they went on their way and ddn't try to help me get things together. Meanwhile I'm storming around the house trying to find things to use to make the decorations, balling my eyes out. What's more, 90% of the people who came to the party didn't even say hi to me or wish me a happy birthday. They were just there for the freebies. I felt so alone and down in the dumps. It was a really horrible feeling..

It's been a while since I had a good dream. I think need to turn around my attitude and take control of things happening in my life. It's one thing to worry over things everyday, but to have to deal with them even in your sleep (in whatever form they take in your dreams) is simply too much.

27 July 2011


I've been officially unemployed for 3 weeks now (I handed in my resignation in early July) and I'll be honest, it  feels pretty weird. I should enjoy being free from other commitments, but instead I feel slightly empty LOL.

I've started applying for jobs again in the last few weeks, but possibly not near enough applications. I think I'm probably under-qualified for a lot of the positions. It's hard to convey to an employer that you are capable without previous experience to back that up. All I can do now is continue to apply for jobs and hope that someone takes notice of my resume and gives me a chance. There's still so much I need to save for >.<

26 July 2011

Harveen's 21st (photo edition)

Justine & I

Justine - Katherine - Kim

Tara - Janina - Kim

Group photo (I'm a floating head lol)

Bakers Girls
HAHHA I was having a bad hair night :x

Sirisha - Me - Harveen - Amie - Janina

Birthday Girl <3

25 July 2011

Fashion picks #1

Haha here I am, writing another blog even though I wanted to watch TV/read a book before going to sleepyland XD Can't help it!! I guess it's good to get back into the blogosphere ^_^

So here is my first edition of 'Fashion Picks' <3 I'll be posting random fashion items that caught my eye whilst browsing the internet (and maybe even while I'm in the mall haha *sneaky ninja snapshot*). If I were a rich lil bum, I'd probably buy them, but I'm still currently unemployed and need to save my money as much  as possible -___- *ohsighsss* Anyway, without further a-do~


Blue denim jeans with bow detailing (on the side)

Black denim jeans with bow detailing (on the back)

^These black ones are my personal fave

Black strapped dress - Black

Jeffrey Campbell - Foxy Platform (caramel)

Party Anticipation & Back to Uni!


Today was first day back to university. I'm only taking 3 units this semester, so I don't have to worry too much about my contact hours hehehe. Mondays are my busiest day though (5 hours worth of classes and only one break). University actually feels pretty lonely now. Most of my friends have already graduated either last year or just this past semester. Not that I really spent my lunch breaks with anyone last semester, but there's less familiar people to randomly bump into on campus. I did bump into Teresa though!! Waah haven't seen that girl in ages! It  was good to have a short catch up chat ^^

In other news, this morning the delivery man arrived with my package from eBay!! My cosplay costume has arrived ^0^ sho happeh! I've tried the top and skirt and they fit!! I'm just really worried about how the wig will look (I haven't tried it on yet) and it seems reallllyyyy heavy too. Hopefully I won't get severe neck ache T_T Anyway, I won't talk about it anymore because I want it to be somewhat a surprise until my party heehee I'm definitely looking forward to it more and more.

It's been a long time since I actually held a party. I usually go out karaoke/dinner/etc for my birthday. I had trouble with the guest list again -- some people are without a doubt, definitely people I want to celebrate with, and then there are other people I am fond of and find really sweet but I actually am not sure how close I feel to them. It seems mean that I'm excluding them :( But at the end of the day, it is my party and I just hope there's no hard feelings.

Still so much more that needs to be done in preparation for my party! I'm very lucky to have a great group of girls backing me up to help me get this party looking amazing ^^v Julie, Cat, Sarah~ Thanks girls!! Hehe Julie even made a mood board to help incite some ideas on what kind of things we might wanna incorporate into the party. IT'S SO KAWAII!!

Mmm, gonna check out a Japanese grocer over the weekend to get some ingredients and frozen finger foods for the party. I really wanted to get the 2L green tea ice cream but it's $30+ >.< cho takai ne? Hopefully I get everything I need because my original menu wasn't very JAPAN theme inspired hahaha.

Okayy.. I think I'll get going now ^___^
No class til late afternoon tomorrow but I still wanna make the most of my day hehe. Buhbyee~

24 July 2011


Whenever I find out someone has deleted me on facebook (or in the past, myspace etc.), I always took it personally. I think if you're actually friends with someone (not mere acquaintance) and they 'unfriend' you, it does feel very personal.

Someone deletes me on facebook = FRIENDSHIP OVER!

While this is probably very juvenile to some people, you have to wonder why that certain someone decidedly deleted you from their immediate contacts.

I just spent a few moments deleting (what seemed like) 100 'friends' on facebook. I still hve some pending my decision to remove them though. This sudden move of action came up while I was looking through the suggested friend list and I came across people who had either deleted me in the past, or vice versa. It suddenly dawned on me that I had a number of people on facebook who I found annoying (constant spamming) or just wasn't particularly fond of on my friends list. Okay, so in this instance, it was personal. But I will add that these 'personal' deletions were only about 4 people.

As I sifted through my friends list I began to think.. wow I have a lot of people on here who I was acquainted with during my schooling years. I don't have anything in common with them, we don't contact each other, we probably haven't held a proper conversation in the last 12 months (if at all), they didn't even like me in primary/high school (and possibly bullied me), they probably won't even notice if I delete them.

So the mass deleting began...

I gotta say, if these people are hurt that I 'cut' them out of my facebook life, they can always  have a go at me via facebook message. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure NONE of these people (save maybe 2) would even say hello to me if they passed me on the street.

I think the biggest issue here is.. why do we have so many friends on facebook? Sure, it would be good to have one as a networking profile just to list the copious amounts of people you have had contact with at some stage of your life - but all seems rather pointless to me. I'm not the most private person in the world, but I don't like the idea of 100s of people looking through all my photos, reading my wallposts etc. I know that facebook has enabled you to customise your privacy setting so that only certain people can see certaint hings, but it's sooooooooo tedious. I'd have to make a friends category list and categorise everyone and then individually specify who can see what album and blahblahblah. Much easier to just 'unfriend' them.

In saying all this, I do feel slightly guilty deleting people. I think it must be my habit of  keeping up appearances, having people like/approve of me, pleasing people. Well, this habit needs to lessen. I'm nearing 22 now and life shouldn't be about childish games of popularity and reputation. I'd rather have people I actually value on my facebook. People who would actually talk to me. People who would actually care if something happened to me.

What do you think?

Daiso Haul & Harveen's 21st

Herro ^^

Yesterday I planned to go to Doncaster Westfield with Catherine @ 10-11am. But the silly bumhead slept in!!! Meanwhile, I'm waiting about 1.5 hours for her and can't get a hold of her via her mobile or SMS!! I became a bit annoyed & super worried stressball and started contacting Julie and even Juan (her bf)! Juan ended up calling her home phone and told her off for worrying me -___-" What a nutcase. Seriously. When I received her call I got all teary and started yelling at her DX So glad nothing bad happened.

Anyway, the whole days plans became quite delayed. Julie & Juan came over around 3pm (they got lost getting here HAHAHA failllll~) and Cat came after she had lunch with her family in Springy. Headed over to Doncaster and spent more time finding a car space than the time it took to drive there *grr Doncaster, you sucksss!*

Made our way to Daiso (which had just opened recently -- I've never been to Daiso in Melbourne before, only Tokuya in the city which is smaller and more expensive). IT WAS AMAZING. Maybe not as amazing as the 100 yen stores back in Japan, but still...... *o* I had a blast looking at everything they had for sale. I ended up caving and buying other random things I wasn't even there to buy (I went there for the sole purpose of finding things for my party).

Here's my haul from Daiso ^^ You should all check it out! Only $2.80 per item and I really wanna go back to get some cute bowls etc. heheheh

Tea cups for Dad, Myself & Mum

Random things for myself hahah

Some prizes I bought for my party XD

Sweets & Onigiri mould (shapes like faces lol)
After Daiso, I also went to a $2 shop and picked up some lanterns for the party ($3 each) :D

Got home just before 7pm and had to rush to get ready for Harveen's birthday!! Thank goodness it wasn't too far to travel! I was so glad I went that night because since I left Bakers Delight, I have really missed all the Bakers girls. I got a bunch of super tight hugs and I felt so soo happy to catch up and have some drinks with them. I looked pretty terrible though HAHA! My hair was a total BLAH and my cheeks were rosy from drinking *eeeek asian flush!* I'll post pictures another time when the girls have uploaded the photos ^^

In other news, my review blog has disappeared! I haven't written a review in quite some time and I haven't been checking it everyday so I'm not sure when this happened. I went to visit the URL and it came up with an error. I can't even seem to log in properly because when I do, it goes to the same error page. I'm honestly really disappointed and maybe I'll have to consider starting all over again. TBH, I feel less motivated to do so though. I guess I could always merge my personal blog with my reviews. I'll see how I feel.. in the mean time, university semester 2 begins tomorrow. I've got a packed day tomorrow!! Wish me luck~ >.<;

23 July 2011

Catching up with Jen & Lovely E-Gallery order

hurhur I intended to sleep at 10.30pm tonight but the clock is aleady nearing midnight. I promise I'll go to sleep land after this entry though. I've got an exciting Saturday to look forward to ^0^ !!

Myer (city) ; view from the top floor

Anyway, I caught up with Jen Shyn on Thursday evening. I don't think I've seen her since last year!! It really has been forever and I was excited as well as nervous haha. I guess I was a tiny bit apprehensive about  how much we had both changed during the time we've been apart. Jen has always been a prominent figure in my life. We started talking around Year 9 and officially hung out for the first time at Moomba when we were in Year 10. Haha wow those were the days.. we used to send each other letters. It was so much fun. She's really been there for me over the last 7 years or so and I think I'll always be really grateful that she's been part of my life <3 I don't think I did much talking.. to me it doesn't feel like a whole lot has gone on in my life. I certainly don't have any love interests, I've just been studying and working.. but of course, now, I've quit my job and am looking for alternative employment (eep!). I think my focus was mainly on her.. it made  me feel so happy and relieved to hear her talk about the positives in her life; her great group of friends, her boyfriend.. her face lit up when she talked about them and she was really enthusiastic to show me photos and tell me stories. I'll admit, we have definitely changed a lot since we were young school girls. We probably don't get each other the same way we used to.. but I don't think that really matters. To have a friend after all this time that you still love, is a great thing.

Today was a lazy Friday. But I actually received my order from Lovely E-Gallery in the afternoon. I'll be honest -- I've had serious issues with this facebook store. I think the real issue with their business is that they are a 'wholesale website' which orders from other stockists. So they are actually the 'middle man'. Therefore, all items they have listed come from dozens of other sources around Hong Kong / China. I've actually been a customer to this business for quite some time. They went by a different name before, however, and the boss was still situated in Australia. But then she moved overseas and has other customer service reps who correspond through the facebook page.

Order from Lovely E-Gallery

I think the real issues began around May. I received an order and some of the items were out of stock (so I had store credit). In this order, I got a navy blouse, a vest/shawl, orange tasselled shoes, and a pair of clog-like platform shoes with black straps. I ADORED the platforms.. however, when I went to take more detailed photos of them, I noticed that the under-side of the shoe was covered in MOULD!!!!!

Platform shoe with mould on it :(

I contacted the store immediately and sent them photos of the shoes. I had to throw them out immediately -___-" So sad.. I loved those shoes. They said they'd send me a replacement pair but they still haven't. I'm pretty disappointed with their inefficient customer service. They haven't replaced my shoes for 3 months now and I've had 3 failed attempts to use my store credit because the items are always out of stock. It's so frustrating!!!! I feel as though they might actually be cheating me because while they give store credit, there is no member login where you can access you records and a lot of money paid goes into shipping (pretty sure this doesn't go towards the store credit).

Anyway, this time around, I received a bag and SGP iphone case -- none of the clothes I ordered were in stock *SIGH*. I am fairly happy with the items I received though. The bag has tassels and studs and it can suit an edgy gyaru look ^^ I'm also currently using my red SGP case. It's quite pretty ! I think I'll make an update when my next order comes in (seriously want to use all my store credit so I can be rid of this vicious cycle!), or when they FINALLY send in my shoes. Somehow I doubt they will.. which it freaking ridiculous because I don't pay good money for MOULDY shoes.

21 July 2011


It's past midnight here and I don't really feel like sleeping just yet. I always get like this during the holidays. Coincidentally, when I'm hanging with friends, I often struggle to stay awake past midnight. I'm weird. Or maybe being in good company expends a lot of energy, whereas right now I'm alone haha.

I was recently introduced to an anime called 会長はメイド様 (Kaichou ha Maid-sama) by Sarah, who is an Usui fangirl lol. I started watching the first episode and BAM! Total love for anime and bishies!! It felt like I was reliving my childhood days where I was in love with Tuxedo Mask, Tamahome, Hotohori, etc. HAHAHA XD Did I ever mention my eternal love for white haired bishounen?? LOL! Anyone who likes bishies should probably watch Pretear btw (same creators as Sailormoon). ANYWAAAYY.. I finished Maid-sama in a few days (trying to space it out so the love affair wouldn't have to begin and end in the same day LOL).

For anyone who has seen this anime, it's soooooo addictive. But I only wish they didn't have weird pointless filler episodes (it's only 26 episodes, plus episode 27 as an omake episode). The manga is still ongoing and as much as I want to immerse myself in the world of Maid-sama, I'm not a huge fan of reading manga. I like things to be animated and I liked music, sound effects and dreamy dreamy bishie voices LOLOL!!! Oh well, I'm sure I will get around to reading it eventually.. afterall, I have read all my novels already (The Mortal Instruments -- up to City of Fallen Angels -- and Clockwork Angel -- waiting for the 2nd installment).

Mmm.. anyway.. the title of this entry might seem strange to whoever is reading this. I've been rambling on but nothing conclusively explains why my entry title is 'Like Aoi-kun'. Well~ Aoi is a character from Kaichou wa Maid-sama!! He's a 14 yr old boy who likes to crossdress and is in fact a very popular net idol XD Today I tried on my Prisila two tone straight wig after I got home from my 'gyaru date' and felt like I completely transformed into someone else (just like Aoi-kun harhar).

As if this admitting to photowhoring isn't bad enough, I present to you.. my Aoi-chan transformation XD

20 July 2011


My gyaru look for today's date ^-^
Today I went on a 'gyaru date' with my bubu, Sarah, and her Japanese bestie, Yuka!! It was really cold in Melbourne today but I still wore shorts with tights >.< hahaha! We braved the cold just fine though~ so lucky it was only spitting and not raining. かさを持てない!!

First we went for lunch @ Yami Yami! (previously known as Flying Chicken). We ordered mandu ($9), Spicy BBQ Chicken (I think that's what it was.. $15) and a Spicy BBQ Chicken with cheese ($19). haha not sure if I got the prices right, but it was definitely around that price range. The cheese one is my favourite ^0^ It even has 떢뽂이 (tteokbokki) in it! So yummmyyy~~


Yummy (flying) chicken!!
After we finished lunch, we did a bit of shopping and showed Yuka some of the asian cosmetic stores. A lot of them stock popular Japanese and Korean brands but it's very expensive -__-" We were trying to find some brow mascara for Yuka, but didn't find any. But she did get something at Tokuya haha.

Yuka - Kimu - Saera

Theeeennnn.. off to KBOX!! We got in on Happy Hour (2pm - 8pm, $18 per person with 2 drinks) but only stayed til 6pm. We didn't get the system where you have the touch screen song search remote with the little stylus -- so we had to look up all the songs manually lol and dammit why do we always get crap mics?! There's always one that's super loud and the other is soft >.<;; We still had a lot of fun though~~ got to sing some Evangelion and Sailormoon songs with Yuka XD

"We are S girls" - hahahaha
On my way home, I was waiting at the station and... in pulls one of those old, creaky trains with scrubbed off graffiti. It's the kind that have much fewer seats and has windows you can actually open. I didn't even know they still had these trains in service. They always seemed a little dangerous to me. I remember when I was in year 9/10, I was riding in one and I could smell the brakes everytime we stopped =.=;; The train ride home wasn't very enjoyable. I had to stand for about 3/4 of the way home and my hand (which was holding the pole) was leaned on by an older man, and then swiped with a newspaper by the other older man next to me -____-" No apology either. Bumholes. Then a girl elbowed me while she was trying to grab a seat. Sigh. At least she apologised though.

Crappy old train
Overall, the day was great though! I was so happy to finally meet Yuka, even though I was a bit shy and felt self-conscious about saying anything in Japanese haha. Thank you to my bubu for organising a fun date out~

19 July 2011

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Sarah & I went to watch the final Harry Potter film on Monday in Gold Class! It was our first time watching a movie in gold class and it was certainly an experience. I would personally like to go at night time though because then I could order some fancy cocktails or something and get a proper meal hahaha.

I will admit though, eating in the dark is not very fun. Plus, I kept clanging the china and utensils, so I felt as though I might be annoying the people around me ._.;; Not many people seemed to order food. Sarah & I ordered wedges & dips, as well as some drinks. It's kind of annoying having the staff constantly come in and out of the small theatre (which seats less than 20 people I think) to deliver people's food or beverages. But on the plus side, the recliners were spacious and comfy. Although, after a while I did begn to experience neck ache (I'm very susceptible to neck ache =_=). It might have been because we were so close to the screen..


八/여덟HACHIsounds Winter Live 2011

I attended the 2nd HACHIsounds event of 2011 on Saturday at Estonian Hall ^_^ The event houses a number of local talent, ranging from dancers to singers, who perform KPOP/JPOP/JROCK covers. It's pretty much an event that brings all the Asian music lovers together for a good time and to celebrate their love for Japanese and Korean music. This time round, there was a much bigger turn out -- thanks for Catherine's amazing promoting ideas & prolly also due to those who attended the first HACHIsounds in January. A lot more people cosplayed as well, which was really great!! I think cosplayers help to create the ambience, don't you? haha

I wasn't going to cosplay this time around because I was feeling lazy and I already won Best Female Cosplay at the last HACHIsounds (hehehehe I wanted to cosplay only if I could win). But my friend Keith asked me what we were cosplaying as LOL so I couldn't say no. I ended up wearing my black gothic lolita dress  and new Prisila wig (yaaaay)! Keith & I were supposed to be vampires, but we decided not to wear our teeth in the end.. oh well.. we have pretty sharp fangs anyway. Anyway.. GUESS WHO WON BEST COSPLAY (there was only one this time)??

My bubu, SARAH!!! Unfortunately her Kaichou wa Maid-sama cosplay outfit was a massive fail because the eBay seller she ordered from gave her the WRONG SIZE (boo). But FORTUNATELY, Cat had a maid outfit that she bought ages ago which didn't fit her.. and  DING DING DING, it fit Sarah perfectly XD !!! I'm so proud of my bubu for winning hahaha.

I gotta say, the night was fun, only because of the company I was with. It had been so long since I had spent time with Julie, Cat, Alice & Tri. (hahah um but not Sarah, cuz we've been keeping each other company while her Bachie is overseas.. and I saw Keith the night before for dinner haha).

Catherine (Pikachu) & I (Lolita Vampire)

Awesome Squad <3
The stand out performances for me of the night were: PSYQ (Cat & Alice's dance group), who did a routine dedicated to YG artists, Janelle & Aira, who performed A Little Pain by OLIVIA (NANA anime) & Nobody by Wonder Girls. There was also another girl called Olivia who I sounded really gorgeous. I won't mention my least favourite of the night (because it's a little mean), but I will say this.. some of the acts were so overrated. Fangirls make a big fuss about them but their performance was corny & not that likeable, the dancing wasn't always crisp and when it came to a collaborated effort for the group, they weren't dancing in sync and were not matching each other very well. I honestly don't know what all the fuss is about. They're not that good.
Lol I took my wig off..

After HACHIsounds was over, we went for a Maccas run in the city (Julie, Cat, Sarah, Alice, Tri & I). We had such a good bitch session.. um I mean catch up session LOL!! I got home arond 2.30am and I was pretty exhausted. But all in all, a good night. 

More photos..

Keith & I (vampires)
Sarah & I

Julie photowhoring on my iphone #1

Julie photowhoring on my iphone #2

Julie photowhoring on my iphone #3

16 July 2011

친구 만났어~

Tonight I caught up with some of my AA friends (my drinking crew bahaha) in the city. Unfortunately not everyone could make it due to other commitments, or they weren't in town :( So Ciara, Keith & I went for dindins alone haha! (Later joined by Keith's hair stylist friends lol)

We decided to go to White Tomato on Bourke Street. It was actually quite yummy ^^ I've never been there before but it's a great place to share a Korean hotpot or BBQ with friends. I love how they BBQ on actual embers, so the meat is like flame grilled *mm smokey* XD We ordered a seafood hotpot (mild spicy), beef BBQ banquet (so yummmm) and fried dumplings. Keith's friends also ordered rice wine (blerh not really my kind of alcoholic beverage >.<). All up it was $26 per person~

After dinner, Ciara, Keith  I went to Max Brenner (after seeing Passion Flower was totally packed!! Normal for  Friday night, I suppose..). As it so happens, MB was also super busy and even though we only ordered 3 drinks, it took forever to get -____-" We decided to make them takeaway cuz we had trains to catch. When we got them, they were only warm too.. SO DISAPPOINTING!! Plus, my mocha was so weak.. just tasted like hot chocolate to me. They're very small too.. for $6. Although it's quality, not quantity I guess. I'm pretty sure I can get a tall mocha for the same price though! Then again, it was very very rich, so if I had a tall MB mocha, I'll prolly throw up :(

Keith & I taking turns camwhoring on my phone HAHAHA

I'm at home now and it's 1.47am >.< but I'm not ready to go to sleep. My eye-bags say otherwise.. but I just wanna stay up and talk to someone, or continue writing. Maybe I will read my book.. it will surely get my eyes super tired & I'll have no choice but to go to sleep haha!

HACHIsounds is on tonight XD I'll admit I'm feeling a little deflated and lazy to dress up and get in the hype but I'm sure once I get there I'll be having a lot of fun with my friends!!

Sleep tight lovelies,